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Jakub Józef Orlinski tells iNews, “Stage directors love performers with an acrobatic ability. I included one of my power moves, the windmill, when I sang Erismena at the Château De Versailles.” 

  • Camille

    Perhaps he can Super in the B.A.S.T.A. production of Bison don’t Cry?

    I’m certain the handsome and hunky Evan Ingersoll would be kind and accommodating enough to lend him an appropriate tank top.

    NO Sleeveless Hoodies!

  • I love basically everything about this.

  • CCorwinNYC

    Perhaps the first mention on Parterre of Orlinski was two years ago

    and Judith Malafronte reviewed the breakdancing Cavalli here as well.

    Orlinski performs in Handel’s Rinaldo next month at Carnegie Hall.

    • Camille


      Uh-oh, I’d best get my arse to that one or grimoaldo will have me scomuniccata!

      That’s Händel 101, so there’s no getting out of it for a backsliding verista like me. Oh lord give me strength.

      • grimoaldo2

        Rinaldo is, as the blurb says.” a thrilling crowd-pleaser”, “the first Italian opera written for the London stage” and created a sensation. Handel said “To please the English you must give them music they can tap their feet to” so go and have thrilling, foot tapping FUN, I hope, Camille.

        • Camille

          I’m going, toetapping or not because I do love that “Lascia ch’io pianga”. That, and “O sleep, why dost thou leave me” were the first two arias I knew by GH and they have never left me. It’s a small step for mankind, but a big one for me.

          • fantasia2000

            I really wish I could see that Rinaldo, because the cast is truly amazing! However, it’s hard to justify a single concert performance after my opera trip beginning next weekend. Besides, this trip will include 4 Handel operas (Herheim’s Xerxes (in German), Alcina (Handel festival Karlsruhe), Guth’s Saul and McVicar’s sparkling new Ariodante), besides the L’Africaine that we discussed before. ;) I just hope the weather will cooperate and I can get there for them (perils of traveling in winter)!

            • CCorwinNYC

              I eyed a similar itinerary minus Karlsruhe with Handel’s Susanna and Rameau’s Les Indes Galantes in Budapest instead but it’s not happening unfortunately.

              I’m amazed to see Connolly still at it as Ariodante since I saw her do it in Uncle John’s empty, decorative production at City Opera 19 years ago! I’m curious about the two Israeli sopranos in the cast neither of whom I’m familiar with. I hope you’ll give a full report upon your return particularly of Saul which is for me one of the greatest music-dramas ever written!

            • fantasia2000

              Wow, that Indes Galantes has great cast! It’s still one of the operas I’ve yet to see!

              Yes, I’m pretty amazed that Connolly still doing Ariodante (and other Handel roles) as well. I saw her in Aix, and that was already 4 years ago. Even more interesting that she’s been singing a lot of Wagner (Brangane, Fricka). But she’ll also be back as Giulio Cesare at Glyndebourne this year too.

              Yes, I’m intrigued by the two Israeli sopranos too. Chen Reiss is supposedly big in Vienna now (I saw she’s on the cover of a magazine there). She was also Morgana in last year Alcina revival.

              I’ll plan to give full report for my trip. The full itinerary will include:
              2/17 -- Xerxes (for Herheim)
              2/18 -- Tristan (Schager, Kampe, Tcherniakov, Barenboim)
              2/19 -- Rake’s Progress (Appleby)
              2/20 -- either Don Quixote ballet or Carolyn Sampson’s Schubert recital (haven’t decided yet)
              2/21 -- Alcina (David Hansen)
              2/22 -- probably Cenerentola (Leonard, Pisaroni) or rest
              2/23 -- Saul (Prohaska, Boesch, Guth)
              2/24 -- Ariodante (Conolly, Reiss, Christie, McVicar)
              2/25 L’Africaine (Spyres, Mahnke, Mulligan)
              2/26-27 Butterfly and Parsifal at the Met.

            • You’re right, looks like a good cast for Les Indes Galantes in Budapest. Shame it’s on a Tuesday, otherwise I might have looked into it.

              Just been discussing Jean-Sébastien Bou with Camille in another thread.

            • fantasia2000

              It’s all sold out too, unfortunately. I just saw that it’s a collaboration with CMBV, hence the all-French cast (except the conductor). I saw Chantal Santon here in staged Rameau’s Temple of Glory that Philharmonia Baroque did in Berkeley.

              Pretty jealous that you have easy access to all these Baroque operas with the greatest stars, hahaha … I love my City by the Bay, but we are very lacking in Early Music (other than Philharmonia Baroque).

            • Sold out? I’m impressed -- the Bartok hall is big.

            • fantasia2000

              And I still NEED to see Indes Galantes! LOL I was hoping Opera de Paris would revive the previous Indes Galantes production, actually (the one with the “chicken dance” for Les Sauvages, hehehe). Yes, it’s worrisome that it’s at the Bastille, just like Handel operas tend to get swallowed by the Met or even our War Memorial. The announced cast seems pretty good though, so I may still travel for it. ;)

            • I expect I’ll try to get tickets. And I usually try to be fairly near the stage, in the first 14 rows, in the hope of seeing and hearing properly. But I do wonder what it will be like. Cogitore is highly regarded in the contemporary art world but that tells us little. I wondered if the idea was, as previously with Sellars’ Tristan and its Viola videos, to attract people who wouldn’t often come to the opera.

              The classic “Sauvages” piece is fairly widely known in France, even if people may not know what it’s from; and fans of Cogitore are likely to have seen the clip he made of it, which I already published here. So the contemporary art and art-film world may wend its way to the Bastille. This still doesn’t tell us why it isn’t at Garnier though (or why the new Traviata will be, but that’s another story).

            • fantasia2000

              That’s a good plan. I wonder if it’ll be more grittier version of Indes Galantes, just like Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui’s production for Bayerische Staatsoper last year.

            • I wondered if he might try to do something like that clip. But you surely can’t take a hip-hop approach for all the entrées can you? Also, he’s too young to know it (unless told), but there was Les Paladins, and even before that Alfredo Arias had done a punk Entrée des Sauvages… But I suppose it won’t matter if I’m the only person in the audience old enough to remember.

            • fantasia2000

              Yes, a full hip-hop approach for all entrées would be disastrous, not to mention, super tedious.
              Hahaha… you’re the encyclopedia! (And I meant that as a compliment, not an insult!) ;)

            • CCorwinNYC

              I’m not such a Santon-Jeffery fan but Vashegyi has been doing fine French baroque work in Budapest--based on the stream, last year’s Nais by Rameau was great and his recording of Mondonville’s Isbe is excellent. Philharmonia Baroque brings Handel to Westchester this summer with long-time McGegan fav Atalanta.

            • fantasia2000

              That could be good. My biggest problem with McGegan these days, especially after experiencing various Baroque conductors all over Europe, is that he’s good but not terribly exciting. Even less so for Rameau, that I anticipated so much but turned out to be such a borefest for me. Furthermore, there’s something about PBO’s horns that sound so hard, if not downright out of tune. I still go for his Handel and anything after though.

              My favorite conductor so far is George Petrou, who IMO strikes balance between aggressiveness and calm, while maintaining the excitement level high. I like Christie, Emelyanychev, Rousset, and Spinosi. Minkowski too, but he hardly does Baroque operas these days. I used to love Jacobs a lot (his Giulio Cesare is still my most favorite), but lately he seems to get so caught up with re-orchestrating the operas!

            • CCorwinNYC

              I haven’t heard the McGegan Temple yet but I believe it’s to be released on CD soon.

            • Has he recorded Le Temple de la Gloire ?

            • CCorwinNYC

              I believe it’s from last year’s live performances. He did record a suite from it for Harmonia Mundi more than 20 years ago.

            • fantasia2000

              The performance that I attended was recorded for CD release. It was the 5-act 1745 version. It’s loooooooooooooong!!! I guess Rameau knew it better when he trimmed it for the 3-act 1746 version.

            • The key question is whether the singers were good. I don’t mind four hours of Rameau but with proper singers, not voiceless wonders pushed centre-stage out of the local church choir.

            • CCorwinNYC

              You will get the wonderful Franziska Gottwald as Arsamene in Berlin, a favorite, underrated singer. It’s interesting Prohaska is singing the much smaller role of Merab in Saul, but I like Semenzato in the little I’ve heard her. Too bad you can’t fit in Haydn’s Armida under Jacobs.

            • fantasia2000

              Thanks for that Christopher! I make sure I watch out for her. Regarding Prohaska, I’m not sure either. I saw her recital in Halle Handel Festival two years ago with Antonini and it was absolutely thrilling!

              Yes, I saw Jacobs’ Armida, but I decided to stay in Amsterdam that night. The one that I’m really sorry to miss is Bieito’s “Die Gezeichneten” with Ausrine Stundyte, but that all-star Tristan with one of favorite directors Tcherniakov is VERY hard to resist!

            • ‘The one that I’m really sorry to miss is Bieito’s “Die Gezeichneten”…’

              Gosh I can believe that. What a combination.

            • Camille

              Bon voyage. A real fantasy voyage!

            • fantasia2000

              Thank you very much Camille! Much appreciated. I feel pretty lucky to get all those lined up (it’s never the case usually). Thank you Opera Gods! Now, please bless that the flights are on time. ;)

  • David Prosser

    “Life is Porno”, is it? I’m confused as to whether I should be excited or terrified

  • John Freeman

    Thanks so much for this. I discovered Jakub’s beautiful voice and face some time ago, but the dancing is a revelation. His master class with Joyce DiDonato is also on You Tube:

    • Rowna Sutin

      WOW that guy has some voice and technique. And so sweet on the eyes! He is a very polished and complete package. Let the superlatives begin!

      • John Freeman

        That’s it -- the complete package. There’s quite a lot more on YouTube to drool over:)