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A shortcut to Rovno Gubernya

In a special gala star-studded Carnegie Hall performance of that rarely-heard gem Candide this spring, the old lady will be Patricia Racette. She will sing the role of the Old Lady.

  • Armerjacquino

    Wow! Is this a one-off piece of fun, or a statement of intent that it’s Moedlrollen from now on?

    • steveac10

      Well, she’s nearly 30 years into a career that most sopranos possessing similar vocal endowment would have ended 20 years ago, and she doesn’t seem to be getting any work from her usual employers (The Met, San Fran, Chicago, Santa Fe and Houston). Why not take the Moedl route. Her career was built on the qualities that transfer well to featured roles that require stage savvy and better than average acting skills for a singer.

      • calaf47

        So hopefully this lets her out of the “Minnie competition” for next season’s Met’s FANCIULLA.

      • Magpie

        Didn’t someone here say that Racette is singing Salome in SF this spring?

        • Dr.Malatempra

          If they did they were incorrect. She did Salome at the Met and LA Opera. However, her Fancuilla in Santa Fe recently was a superb piece of work vocally, and especially dramatically.

          • H_Badger

            …and Pittsburgh. :-)

          • david alden

            I was blown away by Ms. Racette’s Fanciulla in Santa Fe two Summers ago — strongly sung and super-intense! I happen to know (because I will be directing) that she has some major exciting new roles coming up here and there in the next few Seasons. A unique and exciting America diva!

            • MisterSnow

              Ooo…I see that she will be doing Anna Maurant in Street
              Scene. Now that is something I would like to see!

            • Brackweaver

              Have you ever seen Street Scene? The ENO did it mid 90’s and it disappointed. It lurched from talky in a bad, fake naturalistic way to histrionic without logic, from jazzy to operatic without musically ever coming together. I knew the score was eclectic going in so that wasn’t a surprise. It was the seemingly unworkable book that was the disappointment. Maybe a different director and house…

            • Armerjacquino

              It doesn’t quite hold together as an evening, no, but there’s some fantastic stuff in it. Anna’s big aria (unforgettably done in the ENO production by first Kristine Ciesinski and then Janice Cairns), Rose’s ‘What Good Would The Moon Be?’ and the brilliant jive number ‘Moon Faced, Starry Eyed’ with which a teenage Catherine Zeta-Jones brought. Down. The. House.

      • Armerjacquino

        There was no shade in the question- I like Racette a lot and I look forward to seeing what she does next.

  • Ramon Figueroa

    The Old Lady is fun, and there is some real singing in it. At least she’s not trying Cunegonde. I’m sure some would prefer her to do Paquette.

  • MisterSnow

    Seems like everyone is doing Candide for the LB 100. Locally, Palm Beach Opera is doing it with a bunch of young artists, Bwy baritone Ron Raines as Pangloss (one who can actually sing!) and former Carmen Denyce Graves in Rovno Gubernya.
    LA Opera features Kelsey Grammer with Christine Ebersole (and Erin Morley -- wonder how many Cunegondes she has booked)