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Broadcast: Die Walküre

Horse play.

Tonight starting at 6:15 PM EDT, the opening night of Die Walküre, live from Lyric Opera of Chicago, for your listening and discussing pleasure. (Photo: Cory Weaver)

  • swordsnsolvers

    Can’t wait to hear this live in a few weeks. Jovanovich was the surprise for me. As for La Goerke and Owens they fully lived up to what I hoped for,

  • Nell TuoCuor

    Alexandra Lobianco is a name to remember, she is the real deal. Has blown the paint off the walls of the Des Moines Metro Opera auditorium as Minnie and Turandot.

  • fletcher

    Fantastic final scene -- Goerke and Owens are truly great.

  • Christian Ocier

    I was in the house tonight. Remarkable singing from the principles--Owens, Goerke, and Baumgartner were standouts. Elisabet Strid cut quite the half-wild figure onstage, and Jovanovich provided a very lyrical Siegmund. The orchestra sounded good. The staging was successful as a whole, although the Thomas Kinkade painting that appeared during Wintersturme was ghastly. Production also threw a lot of extras onstage, but unlike Chereau, the direction was sometimes superfluous. Vocally, one of the finest Walkures you would have seen stateside in the last 20 years.

  • Christian Ocier

    Here is Elisabet Strid as the Siegfried Brunni, with Daniel Brenna (our last Alwa in the Kentridge Lulu, and the SFO Siegfried this summer) as her nephew.