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Albert Innaurato 1947-2017

We have just heard the sad news that playwright and critic Albert Innaurato has died. He was 70.

  • Evenhanded


    How absolutely terrible to see this notice. Mrs. JC and I had a bit of an online “thing” for several years (Ivy will remember it well), and I always had the utmost respect for his titanic storehouse of knowledge on just about everything related to art/music. Thank you sir, for sharing your detailed insights and most of all, for being so highly flawed and thus so vividly human. Your Viggo sends love and hugs to you in the great beyond.

  • Luvtennis

    One of the best things about this site is the opportunity to converse with exceptional people -- and no one was more exceptional than Mr. Innaurato!. The world will be a less interesting place without him. Thankfully, so much of his thought and essence is documented for posterity on these threads and in his work.

    He will be missed though!!!

  • Fred Anzevino

    Loved his plays! Rest in Peace!

  • Akhrossimova

    Just now getting the news, shocking and horrible. Much too young. I can only hope that wherever he is now, they have the best playlists, the best performances, and the best gossip.

  • Too tasteful to comment

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