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Possente amor li chiama

Congratulations to Michael Fabiano and Bryan L. McCalister, who have just announced their engagement.


    This is wonderful news and congratulations gentlemen!

  • How very nice! Wishing them a long and happy life together.

  • Apulia

    best wishes!

  • Cheers!

  • Great for these guys….Think…50 yrs.ago they could have never announced when Baum and Tucker got engaged..with Peerce as worst man ( Tucker)

  • Il Programa per Il Matrimonio (non segreto) di Michele Fabiano
    1. “Everything’s coming up Michael” Angela Meade
    2. “Hojotoho” Placido Domingo (in what key?)
    3. ” The Complete Brandenburg Concerti” played by some group who Fugued up because that would mean the ceremony would take 14 hrs….and nodoze would be served.
    4. Casta Diva David Daniels
    5. Abigaille aria Anthony Roth Costanzo
    6. Mon coeur s’ouvre a ta voix Joseph Calleja (he has a chest)
    7. Fabiano uber Alles Peter Gelb (no squillo)
    8. Mein Liebe Schwanz Jonas Kaufmann
    9. Sfolgoro divino Fabiano Franco Corelli (dubbed in)
    10. Guest appearance by the Rolling Stones..Stoned,performing
    The Grail Scenes from Parsifal. (Keith Richards is Amfortas)