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“Whatever it is, I’m against it”

“I first got familiar with [Regietheater] in 1999 seeing Homoki’s production of  Idomeneo in Munich,” Marco said. “I was shocked and did not understand anything anymore. I was 13 at this time.” [Rage and Cringe]

  • Eduardo Cordeiro

    In Brazil, we sum up such pathetic attitude with the phrase, “não vi e não gostei” (“I didn’t see it and I didn’t like it”).

    BTW, apparently the Rage and Cringe site lets you read *TWO* articles for free per month. That’s insanely generous, considering most people I know wouldn’t consider reading even one.

  • Eduardo Cordeiro

    Those oh-so-incisive “Guess the opera !!!” challenges are tiredissimo. One can easily post a photo of a traditional staging to underscore how they, too, often run together into a river of tedium.

    • Elektra’s great melt down near the end of Mozart’s Idomeneo?

    • Porgy Amor

      Also, I never understood why it proves that something is an effective production if you can look at a still and it’s obvious without the music that it’s whatever opera it is.

      But Berry is right: that group only cares about designs. Recently they put up a picture of Francesco Meli in Neshat’s (by all accounts quite tame) Salzburg Aïda with the caption “No, this is not Radamès!” Of course, I did not think for a moment that the group had ventured into musical criticism, and Mr. Meli was being found wanting in fulfilling the demands of the role. He was just wearing something other than the ancient-Egypt soldier costume (a cape-and-boots historical ensemble of another kind), so he was “not Radamès.”

    • La Cieca

      That is surely the darkest Hello Dolly ever.

  • Big Fan

    It’s Bruce Weber’s “Abduction from the Seraglio.”

  • Friederike Rentzsch

    AMOP seriously frightens me. It’s fine to dislike something, but the aggressiveness appalls me.The combination of celebrated ignorance and self-entitlement is particularly creepy.

  • fletcher

    Surely at least a few composers, in their heart of hearts, intended their operas to have troupes of whitey-tighty-clad dancers faffing about on stage.

  • The Dybbuk

    A further outing for outraged operatic Aunt Edna’s is on Slipped Disc. This time it’s Castorf’s Ring Cycle at Bayreuth getting all barrels. You can almost taste the righteous indignation.

  • “I showed with my page that the Regietheater is sometimes so ridiculous that it needs no further words after posting a pic.”

    I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. So, I did neither and joined the Against AMOP group on Facebook.