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Not only is Anna Netrebko great, I am beginning to think there was never anyone greater.

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  • CwbyLA

    Damn! Hot! Especially the singing in the first clip is breathtaking.

  • StageLefty

    if she continues to manage her resources as well as she has this past 10-12 years there’s no telling what sort of surprises she may have in store for us… She has guts… in life as well as in her art. If OPERA is going to continue as a live art form you need artists who can act, and she’s one of my very favorite Stage Animals. I worked with her when younger and her offstage time could get a little rowdy… not Debbie V Rowdy, but nearly. I think motherhood and a new love are suiting her, and have grounded her through all the work vocally to venture into the big-loud-girls of Verismo. I adore her, and wish her a long and exciting (not exhausting) career to accompany the rest of her life’s joys.

  • Daniel Swick

    I’ve heard sopranos come to grief attempting the Olivero dimuendo trick…not Anna. Voice, voice, voice baby.

  • Frederick Jackson

    What is the third clip?

    • La Cieca

      lead in to the last pages of the show -- Adriana hallucinates she is the Muse of Tragedy and starts singing the final pages “Ecco la luce”

  • The work Anna has done on her breath control over the last several years is truly impressive. I hope she brings her Adriana to the Met (and an HD!).

  • Rick

    Ms Netrebko both sounds and looks great -- Adriana L would seem to a very good part for her in every way.
    On the other hands, I am not really impressed with Mr Eyvazov. When singing unison with Ms Netrebko, he provides the necessary octave support -- but the few notes we hear him sing do not seem to show a voice of anything approaching the level and quality and pure star presence of Ms Netrebko.

    • ines

      Yes, frankly, his voice is not very beautiful.
      Andrea Chenier in Milan might prove to become problematic…
      some people are already looking forward to a scandal

    • Eyvazov does not have a beautiful voice but he has a very secure, ringing top. And he has genuine verismo passion. So, while I agree he’s not on Netrebko’s level, I think he can still partner well with her. They’ve done good work together in Manon Lescaut. Chenier should suit him temperamentally.

      • ines

        Milan audience ( actually , the loggione ) likes to make their voice heard,,, Kaufmann ‘s Cavaradossi was booed… and Alagna as Radames… we say whatever… but an artist gets affected by contestations…but let’s hope this is a useless topic this time

  • Lindoro Almaviva

    That Final pasage from Io son, dear lord! gorgeous

  • Luvtennis

    She sounds wonderful!!! I really think that verismo may be her best rep! She sounds so relaxed. Brava!

  • Breathtaking.

    Bless her, and the opportunity she gives us all for a little sliver of pure joy. “Io son l’umile ancella” is the perfect signature aria for her, not only for the music but for what it says: savor this unique voice while it lasts.

  • Ashton

    Never anyone greater? Surely you jest. She may have been great in these clips, but does she eclipse the great singers that have come before her. No.

    • La Cieca

      Prove it.

      • Christian Ocier

        Hi Cieca, I love Anna’s voice and the energy she brings to her performances. While my preference for German rep means that I don’t hear her as often, what few productions I’ve seen her in (Onegin, Macbeth, and Manon) were just magical. The Onegin this spring exceeded all my expectations as to how Tatyana’s bildungsroman-esque development should be addressed in the theater. It helped too that she sang it more beautifully than any other soprano that preceded her in the part.

        Recently, Thielemann cast her as Elsa in this Lohengrin from Dresden. While I was initially skeptical about her ability to pull off a Wagner heroine, her vocal glamor (the subtle gradations of shade and light that she can command at will) and narrative intensity exceeded my expectations about her ability to perform in roles outside her comfort zone. Hers is not your Grummer variety heroine--there’s something that is infinitely more mysterious, complex, and seductive about this Elsa. It’s certainly an intriguing and winning performance. You should check this video out if you haven’t already done so.

      • Ashton

        Don’t have to. 100 years of recorded sound and my personal opera going experience don’t require it. I know what I hear, and again Anna may have sung a splendid performance, but to say “no one greater” do you refer to her entire career? Or just these video clips of a performance that you did not see live? In any case it is just silly fan-boy prose.

        • La Cieca

          You want to dial it back a notch?

    • “Never anyone greater” implies that she could have peers, but no superiors.

      “She may have been great in these clips” references the fact that she has off nights. Guess what? So has everyone else.

      • La Cieca

        I might also add that the sentence includes the clause “I am beginning to think…”

      • Ashton

        What on earth are you babbling about? I wasn’t referring to her “off” or “on” nights, only of these video clips…..

  • Lorna Kelly

    Anna’s voice is a marvle…it shimmers and shines. She hits each not right in the centre which allows for the natural overtones to be free. She is also a growing interpreter showing grest depth of understanding for her characters and using he wide palet of colours…i am in awe of her.