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La Cieca wishes to extend her heartiest congratulations to that journalistic power couple the da Fonseca-Wollheim-Stephenses, both of whom are currently being paid by the New York Times, one to complain about paint odors in improvised opera venues and the other to deny climate change.

  • Caribopera

    Why do so many opera critics dislike this powerful and musically sophisticated opera?

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    Here is what so-called ‘opera connoisseur’ Micaela Baranello wrote about Hindemith’s Cardillac:

    “Cardillac is not easy to love. Despite having had to play lots of it, I have never warmed to Hindemith’s music, and this opera is not really to my taste”

    Has she ever made an effort to understand it?

    Will she and Carolyn Abbate ever develop the capacity to engage aesthetically with this wonderful and musically sophisticated opera?

    Why do so many opera queens prefer La Traviata and Norma over Cardillac or Doktor Faust or Hippolyte et Aricie?

    • Rick

      As opposed to people other than opera queens who tend to prefer Cardillac and Doctor Faust and Hippolyte et Aricie to La Traviata and Norma???

    • grimoaldo2

      I don’t quite get how Hippolyte et Aricie gets bracketed with those other two.

  • Liz.S

    Thank you, LaC!

    So it is like wife, like husband.
    She seems to research in advance very well and could be some kind of a celebrity that some people like but I find her performance reviews are quite off. On some occasions I even suspected she prepped articles prior to the concerts even -- because they lacked substantial critique on the particular perf per se. She’s one of the frustrating reviewers and for me it’s a let-down to find her name on the reviews on perfs I attended -- oh no, not her! why couldn’t they assign somebody else who can give fair reviews!

    I remember NY Phil’s excellent Cinderella suite a couple of years ago for example -- it was one of those great perfs that the audience was so tuned in without making any noise (unlike their usual behavior at this venue) and raved -- applauding like crazy after the perf.
    She complained about “the lack of visual interest” (that eventually tired her.) Guess what, in the first place, most other audience members PAID to come listen knowing it was to be perf’d without ballet dancers! Sorry it bored you, dear Princess, but majority of the audience members apparently didn’t share your opinion.

  • mb

    Does Stephens “deny climate change”? This maybe nitpicking, but he wrote, ” “None of this is to deny climate change or the possible severity of its consequences. But ordinary citizens also have a right to be skeptical of an overweening scientism.”

    • Karen Ercolani


      Climate change may have replaced race and gender as the thou-shalt-not-question-the-true-faith proscription on the Left.