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Hvorostovsky out of Met ‘Onegin’

dmitriDmitri Hvorostovsky has withdrawn from his upcoming opera engagements, including this spring’s Met performances as the title character in Tchaikovsky’s Eugene Onegin, due to illness. (So says the Met’s press department.) Mariusz Kwiecien and Peter Mattei will step into the role of Onegin at the Met for this spring’s performances, with Kwiecien singing on March 30April 3 and 7 and Mattei singing on April 12, 15, 18, and 22 matinee. 

Eugene Onegin will be conducted by Robin Ticciati and will also star Anna Netrebko as Tatiana, Elena Maximova as Olga, Alexey Dolgov as Lenski, and Stefan Kocán as Gremin. The April 22 matinee performance will be transmitted worldwide as part of the Met’s Live in HD series.

In June 2015, Hvorostovsky was diagnosed with a brain tumor and began treatment. The Met forwarded this statement:


To all my friends, fans and colleagues:

It is with great sadness that I must withdraw from opera performances for the foreseeable future.

I have been experiencing balance issues associated with my illness, making it extremely difficult for me to perform in staged productions.

I will continue to give concerts and recitals as well as make recordings. Singing is my life, and I want to continue bringing joy to people worldwide.

With this pause in my operatic career and more rest in between each engagement, I hope to have more time to focus on my health and treatment.

Thank you for all your love, messages and well wishes. Your support is felt and means the world to me.

With love,

Photo: Pavel Vaan & Leonid Semenyuk

  • Rosina Leckermaul

    So sorry to hear this. Warm wishes to this great artist for a complete recovery.

  • LMacbeth

    Very sad state of affairs. Here’s to a speedy and full recovery.

  • This is sad worrying news :( Sending healing thoughts to him and his family.

  • Yige Li

    That’s really bad news. I try to think it in a better way: since he’s still doing concerts and recordings, just dropping staged performance citing balance issue, could I understand that it’s a problem stay with him but fully under control? Anyway, best wish for him.

  • Yige Li

    On the other hand, the Onegin HD of MET makes no sense now (of course, I understand that they cannot cancel it). To make it clear, I LOVE Mattei. But wasn’t the selling point of this HD being the paring of Anya and Dima? Since both have been featured on HD in Onegin, with Anya even in the same (boring, less beautiful) production. And as the run will be shared by Kwiecien and Mattei, with Kwiecien taking the first half and Mattei taking the latter half with HD, I would assume Mattei will get very few rehearsal with Anya. That means it could very possibly to be a routine revival, right? Surely routine on the top level, but still routine.

    • berkeleygirl

      I don’t think “routine” is a word that can ever be applied to Peter Mattei’s artistry.

      • Yige Li

        Of course he’s great here. But, you don’t seriously think he hadn’t done any rehearsal for this, do you? Yes, even for artists on this level, with or without rehearsal, brief or extended rehearsal can make a huge difference.

        • LinGin

          He’s done this production before so he’s familiar with the staging.

          • Porgy Amor

            He also had a big success in the then-new Met Don Giovanni, stepping in for the Kweech, who had injured his back before the premiere. I’m sure he’ll be good.

            • Gualtier Maldè

              Also the HD will be the fourth and last performance of their run -- so they will have worked together onstage for three previous performances. And as LinGIn said, Mattei has done the staging before.

              Is another HD with Anna in this boring production necessary? No and it wasn’t necessary with Hvorostovsky who had already filmed Onegin in the old Carsen production. So the only thing new was the Anna-Dima combo which we won’t get now.

            • Porgy Amor

              I agree that the production is nothing special, and the previous HD of it was not, either (Beczala’s Lensky was the best thing about it). I am moderately interested in it now, though. Mattei almost always gives good value. He is one of those singers who can return to a very familiar role and not remind you in every scene that it is very familiar. He and Trebs struck some sparks together in the Scala Don Giovanni, rolling around in the obligatory Robert Carsen Giant Bed. The archive tells me they have not been in the same Met production since 2004 (Marcello and Musetta).

  • grimoaldo2

    Very, very sad and sorry to hear this. I saw his first performance in a staged opera, Puritani at Covent Garden with June Anderson, one of the most unforgettable experiences ever, and then many times at Covent Garden and San Francisco and loved every one.
    Thank you for everything you have given us Dima and I look forward to continuing to enjoy your glorious singing in concerts and recitals.

  • Distressing. The outpouring of affection for him during last year’s run of Trovatore shows how much the public loves him.

    • Sempre Liberal

      Very sad. Yes, the house just went nuts during Trovatore last year. I love his Onegin and his Rodrigo.

  • LMacbeth

    In other news, Jonas Kaufmann cancels Monte Carlo.

    • QuantoPainyFakor

      I wonder who will replace Kaufmann in the Paris Lohengrin next month if he finds it necessary to cancel those too.

      • rhinestonecowgirl

        Stuart Skelton was already doing the later performances in February. Maybe covering for JK?

  • DonCarloFanatic

    Hoping for the best. Treatment that is successful can still be exhausting and make a lengthy public performance unwise. My best wishes that it is successful.

    • Donna Annina

      Yes, yes. I’m glad, if not entirely encouraged, that he’s able to do recitals. Wishing him, his family, and all the health care professionals working with him all the best for a full recovery.

  • manou
    • Gualtier Maldè

      From the Wiener Staatsoper re: “Traviata”

      Dmitri Hvorostovsky legt die nächsten Opernengagements zurück

      Mit großem Bedauern gibt die Wiener Staatsoper bekannt, dass der dem Haus sehr verbundene russische Bariton Dmitri Hvorostovsky seine Opernengagements in absehbarer Zukunft zurücklegen muss. Gleichgewichtsprobleme im Zusammenhang mit seiner Krankheit machen es ihm äußerst schwer, in Opernproduktionen aufzutreten. Dmitri Hvorostovsky wird sich nun auf seine Gesundheit und seine Behandlung konzentrieren.
      „Seit Monaten kämpft Dmitri mit viel Kraft und Tapferkeit gegen seine Krankheit und soeben hat er mit viel Engagement und Erfolg wunderbar den Giorgio Germont in La traviata bei uns gesungen, obwohl er in Behandlung war. Es ist verständlich, dass er sich nun auf seine Genesung konzentrieren wird. Dafür wünschen wir ihm von Herzen das Beste!“, so Staatsoperndirektor Dominique Meyer.
      Von den Absagen nicht betroffen ist Dmitri Hvorostovskys Solistenkonzert an der Wiener Staatsoper am 7. März 2017 – die Wiener Staatsoper freut sich auf seine Rückkehr.

  • Very sorry to hear that he continues to have balance issues and that he has to withdraw from his opera performances. That Trovatore opening night performance I saw is one I will cherish forever and feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to hear him live. I’m glad he will continue singing and I wish him a full recovery.