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O que é que a Netrebko tem?

mirandaAnna Netrebko, headliner of Sunday’s Richard Tucker Gala, is now a Latin from Manhattan, according to Twitter.

  • Sirotah

    ???? Oh my. Hoping she’s not “losing it”. Seriously, her “Sola, perduta, abbandonata” from the Bolshoi had me in tears. It was that good. But the vid was taken down from YT. Surely it’ll reappear. About the gala, the worrisome part is Tamara Wilson. No one getting a start in the business should sound so worn out so early.

    • La Cieca

      Particularly if she sings the Studer repertoire.

      • Sirotah

        If we are both still around in the year 2057, let’s touch base then about the length (and importance) of Ms. Wilson’s career. ????
        She might surprise us.

        • PCally

          Well those who’ve seen her work will likely be less suprised. She was an excellent, if lacking in individuality, her debut. And her recorded empress released a couple of years back is completely fantastic and sung with a dramatic thrust which stands out when compared to the other current singers of this role that lean towards the lyric side.

          • Sirotah

            I’ll pay some attention to her Kaiserin sometime soon. Agree she lacks individuality. Not to be a wet blanket but, what’s worse, she lacks something known as sacred fire. To me anyway. This is a Tucker awardee?

          • TaminoNY

            Tamara Wilson is one of those singers you have to really hear in person. I saw her as Aida at the Met and she was wonderful, a bright, large voice with solid high notes, and excellent intonation. The video above doesn’t do her justice. Her recording of Die Frau ohne schatten is terrific.
            According to her website she will be singing
            “Dich teure halle” from Tannhauser, Lucrezia’s big scena from i Due Foscari, and the Act trio finale of Norma on the Richard Tucker Gala on Sunday.
            I will be there, and it looks like it will be a great concert.
            I don’t think she lacks the sacred fire at all.
            If any recent Tucker award winner lacks the sacred fire, its Isabel Leonard……

            • Sirotah

              I will be watching for sure on Sunday.

            • Sirotah

              When I heard her ‘Porgi amor’ I was instantly reminded of someone I had heard before but couldn’t put my finger on it. Now I recall and it is Voigt in this Sieglinde.

    • Daniel Swick

      “Porgi Amor” is a bear of an aria as far as intonation and dynamics are concerned so perhaps we should cut her some slack. She sang the soprano part in the Verdi Requiem very well earlier this year…her Libera me was beautifully phrased and very in tune. She does have the same tendency that Meade has (same teachers?) of going “off the voice” when attempting to sing softly at the top of the range. She goes through the whole Libera me and then kind of gacks out on the floated high Bb…just comes completely off the support and the note dies.
      Her singing in the Frau is very good: excellent intonation, perfectly placed high D, etc.

      • Krunoslav

        Of starting cold with “Porgi amor”:

        I once heard Patricia Racette tell a crowd, “That one’s like dancing without a bra.”

  • QuantoPainyFakor

    AN’z got some splaining to do. I hope she’ll explore some of the Ethel Merman repertoire in her spare time.

    • I was hoping more for the Ethel Mertz repertoire, like “Shortnin’ Bread” and ”My Hero” from “The Chocolate Soldier.”

      • QuantoPainyFakor

        I had the same thought about the other Ethel. One of the parody photos on AN Twitter page resembles a typical expression of La Mertz.