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From Steamboat Springs to La Paz

Le Renee Hot“Finally, Ms. Fleming reveals a completely different side of her artistry: her life-long passion for jazz in the sophisticated songs of American composer-vocalist Patricia Barber.”

Steamboat Springs

  • damekenneth

    Unfortunately, Carnegie’s ad fails to specify that the P. Barber songs were transcribed for piano by the talented young composer Simon Frisch.

  • perfidia

    That photoshopping is giving me life!!!! (Though I am not sure Julie Andrews would be too thrilled with it).

  • La Cieca, I bow down to your Photoshopping greatness. But seriously, she’d be perfect if the show is ever revived.

  • Krunoslav

    Blossom Dearie is not just one of opera’s most celebrated sopranos, but perhaps its most convincing actress. A consummate artist, her one and only role when she stands in the spotlight is to breathe so much life into the opera’s main character that audiences lose themselves in her unforgettable performances. That is the passion of Blossom Dearie.