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Un Ravens kicker, ardendo di geloso furor

Baltimore Ravens place kicker Justin Tucker may or may not be giving up his day job any time soon (apparently “he has missed a career-high seven field goals,” whatever that means), but singing may turn out to be a very nice side gig. 

(May La Cieca just add that she finds it absolutely adorable that a place kicker doesn’t know what to do with his hands?

  • Quanto Painy Fakor

  • zinka

    Any TUCKER is great….but Richard could not play because if he came out with no helmet, the Jet’s fans would laugh at the 99 cent toupee……..

    • pasavant

      Even Richard Tucker is allowed an off-night.

  • Satisfied

    I suddenly care about football :-)

  • decotodd

    Is Beczala sick? He sounds awful

    • RosinaLeckermaul

      He sure does sound awful. “Parmi Veder” was terrible. Weak in the middle and strained on top. Let’s hope it’s just an off night.

      • Milady DeWinter

        I thought the sound was a bit leathery too, but, that said, what the hell was that note in the cadenza to “La donna” ? Did he sing an E-flat, or am I mad. He interpolated something, and it was high.
        Sierra is charming but seems a work in progress with her very composed if somewhat cautious vocalizing.

        • LT

          I wasn’t listening very attentively but I think it was the usual cadenza that he sang it almost in falsetto. It was not very pleasant.

          • Milady DeWinter

            It was a D-flat, not an E-flat. (Vergogna sull’miei orrechie!) (Not falsetto, notto my ear.) It’s actually a very good place to interpolate a top note.