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Touched by an angel

La Cieca reminds the cher public (pictured) that The Fiery Angel, webcast live from Munich, begins shortly (at 1:00 PM ET, actually.)

  • Quanto Painy Fakor

  • zzzznombula

    We weren’t able to watch or download Fiery Angel. We’ve also had this problem with other things online. We get a “not available in your country” message.

    What is the “secret” to doing this from a computer in the US?

    • Stefan

      No secret. Something must be set wrong on your computer. I watch them every time from the US. I have it recorded with English titles. If you’re interested in seeing it, let me know and I can give you links to download.

      • zzzznombula

        Thanks, Stefan!

        I don’t know why we’re having this problem.

        We’ve tried on a PC (on Verizon) and on a MAC (on Comcast)and get that “not available in your country” message on the Munich site and on some things on Arte and other websites.

        We found links online for a download of Fiery Angel, so we have that one now, thanks, but would love to be able to get the “restricted” videos in the future.

        Any suggestions?

        Thanks again for your reply and offer!

        • Stefan

          You will get that sometimes on Arte, Culturebox and other sites too because of licensing restrictions. The Alcina is restricted on but nothing else. I have not found any issues with the Vienna Staatsoper or but those are all or in part pay sites. I’m not sure about

          That should never happen with Munich. Some suggestions: (1) Write to Munich, tell them your problem and ask if they have heard this from anyone else in the US. (2) Get your IP address and find out where it says you are. You can do that online yourself but if you have difficulty, call Comcast technical support and ask them to get the information for you. (3) On Munich’s next stream, try accessing it from a different location so you will be using a different IP address. That’s easy to do if you are using a laptop. If not, look online to find ways to manually change it for a desktop when you can’t do a location change. Unfortunately, you can only try #3 “live” and their next stream is not until March 19.

          Where did you find it online? I have it posted to a yahoo group but it is only accessible to approved members. You can reply to me at


          • Krunoslav

            “The Alcina is restricted”

            I thought the European Union restricted it to protect listeners from Kasarova’s HORRIBLE Ruggiero?

            • Stefan

              The Ruggiero is Philippe Jaroussky.

            • Krunoslav

              Oh, so this isn’t the one with Harteros (good), Cabgemi ( passée) and Hammerström ( excellent) under Minkowski.