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Disenchanted April

On this day in 2015 editorial doyenne La Cieca booked premium seats for a theater party to see the waggish comedy bombshell Living on Love. The parterriani are cordially invited!

Born on this day in 1697 writer Antoine Francois Prevost

Born on this day in 1732 (some sources say March 31) composer Franz Joseph Haydn

Born on this day in 1866 composer Ferruccio Busoni

Born on this day in 1873 composer Sergei Rachmaninoff

Born on this day in 1892 tenor/baritone Renato Zanelli

Born on this day in 1911 director and administrator Günther Rennert

Born on this day in 1921 composer William Bergsma

Born on this day in 1928 tenor Hermin Esser

  • DeepSouthSenior

    I have decided that this day, 1 April 2015, will be my last to post at Parterre. I’ve tried to stay within my little sphere of knowledge and experience. Faced with the all-encompassing expertise of the regular Parterrians, however, I just cannot continue. And, being assured that no one here would ever “fake it,” I admit that I’ve come to the end of the road. One must know one’s place, and when it’s best for one just to move on. All the best to everyone. As my generation used to say, “It’s been real.”

    See you at the play, La Cieca!

    • Bill

      DeepSouthSenior -- as another “Old Boy” who had
      no experience with the Deep South until having
      been stationed in Fort Polk. Louisiana back in
      1962-3, I lament your choice of no longer posting
      on Parterre, and hope you will reconsider.

    • Fidelia

      You can’t fool me with this poisson d’avril, DSS! Your absence would be too conspicuous, and too deeply felt.

    • DeepSouthSenior

      Everyone here is too kind. I assure you that I’m serious about this -- no less serious than (as I believe) La Cieca is in booking premium seats to hear Renee at her “waggish” best.

    • Cicciabella

      To paraphrase someone famous, it is a Deep South Senior’s prerogative to change his mind.

      • messa di voce

        “though his bank shows a big balance
        and he seems heaven designed,
        if a boy is short on his talents
        its a woman’s prerogative to change her mind”

        (No reference to DSS intended)

    • antikitschychick

      sorry to see you won’t be posting anymore DeepSouth, I echo everyone’s sentiments and hope that you decide to stick around for a while. But if not I wish you the best!

      • DeepSouthSenior

        antik, Sorry to have given the wrong impression. (Well, not really. April fool!) As a conservative Presbyterian Ruling Elder firmly in the “traditionalist” camp, at home I’m expected to be literal-minded in thought and word. After all, one of our old documents counsels Elders to be men of “grave demeanor.” That generally holds true even today, at least until they worship at the sacred altar of football. I love visiting Parterre to unwind a little. (I can hear my friends now: “You call that unwinding?”) Remember also that many in my circle get very uncomfortable when I say that I love opera singers who are also good thespians.

        • manou

          Both the astute and the gullible have now answered DeepSouthSenior, but it seems many many more have yet to react. Quandary?

          • I guess it’s not very gracious of me to point out that DSS’s post is the most self-absorbed April Fools joke I’ve ever seen. Oh well, I just did. Chalk it up to April Fools. :)

            • DeepSouthSenior

              kashania, I resemble that! It was purposefully over-the-top.

            • :)

        • antikitschychick

          Lol yeah since you kept insisting it wasn’t a joke ya got me :-P. Glad it is a joke and really, the world would be no fun without opera singers who are also good thespians so I totally get you there ;-).

          I had totally forgotten today was April fools day as the law school bubble is skewing my concept of time. Oh well. Can’t say I didn’t purposely avail myself of the hazards. (Bad law school joke; sorry).

  • Grane

    I hope this is an April Fools gag, Deep South! Your Southern charm and courtesy would be greatly missed. I’d thought Parterre was a place to share ideas, opinions, and enthusiasm--not merely a platform for the display of knowledge. Anyway you are as knowledgeable as many and more than some!

  • DeepSouthSenior

    No foolin’ round here: On a happy note, the restoration of the famed Orpheum Theater in downtown New Orleans seems to be right on track for a grand reopening late this summer. The 1500-seat theater is famed for its wonderful acoustics. Only 110 miles and an easy drive from my front door, it’s one of my favorite places on earth. After its near-destruction from hurricane Katrina in 2005, and a soap-opera saga of changing ownership several times since then, the Orpheum’s rebirth is the fulfillment of many dreams. The New Orleans Orpheum is the perfect venue for a fine professional orchestra of 65 or so like the Louisiana Philharmonic. I’ve read that singers also adore this place. I can only hope that the restoration has preserved and even enhanced the Orpheum’s warm, yet clear sound in every corner of the hall. I’m looking forward to Mahler’s Resurrection Symphony (how appropriate!) at the Orpheum on September 17th.

  • Camille

    Do keep us advised, La Cieca, for we shall be awaiting your word with baited breath.

  • It is a universally acknowledged truth that, at some point in her career, every diva will sing “I could’ve danced all night”.

    This is much better than I expected:

    I look forward to Jessye doing her own rendition in her current baritone tessitura.

    • Cicciabella

      While I look forward to Jessye taking over all of Domingo’s current baritone roles and sparing everyone loads of worry and regret.

      • Camille

        A most capital idea! Just think of La Jessonda eventually working her way on down the pipeline into Sam Ramey’s repertory and giving us the ultimate MEFISTOFELE…helluva deal!

        • Or baring her chest as Attila?

          • Camille

            oh lord. that is taking it toooooooooooo far afield. Strokes and heart attacks aplenty amongst the aging auditors!

            How about if Jess were the Speaker in the Flute or the Speaker in Gürrelieder? That would be fun. I guess her bones are too creaky now to crawl around on stage as the Woman in Schoenberg’s magnum opus.

            • Jessye does have marvelous elocution! She has already sung Tove and Waldtaube. The Speaker is the logical progression.

        • At the least, a Jessye Grand Inquisitor would be to die for. “Sireeeeeee”