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The artist is delusional

Marina Abramovic plans to start filming her ‘Seven Deaths’ project next summer, 25 years after she first conceived the idea of playing her heroine, the opera singer Maria Callas [not pictured]. In the seven short videos, the artist takes on the role of Callas performing the death scenes of seven operas, including Carmen, Tosca, Madam Butterfly and La Traviata.”[The Art Newspaper]

  • quoth the maven

    God she’s a drag.

  • rapt

    Wow! My least favorite artist ever portraying one of the best!

  • alejandro

    I dunno I would be interested in seeing that.

  • Grane

    Ugh. That’s too regie for me.

  • tatiana

    Before I read the copy, I looked at this photo and assumed it was someone’s staging of the “Liebestod.”

  • Quanto Painy Fakor

    Live and learn.

    Here she channels Anna Moffo

  • operaassport

    That cray cray woman is the most overrated “artist” ever. Gullible saps lined up at MOMA for hours to have the chance to sit across from her and stare.

  • olliedawg

    This “artist” bought a old tennis court building near my home in the Hudson Valley which she announced several years ago would be her new home for performance art, or whatever the fuck she does for a “living:. So far, she got herself a boatload of publicity, lots of attention, and the place still looks like a piece of crap, crumbling before our eyes, not a speck of work done to it in years. She is a joke and a fraud.

    But, I have no opinion….

  • Camille

    Just one question: is she the Top, or is she the Bottom, in this photo?

    At this point in time it is mindboggling to think her parade is still marching on.