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The deed to a platinum mine

No tracks available yet, but the Angela Gheorghiu Christmas album looks very, well, seasonal.

  • Krunoslav

    Mae West’s classic ad-lib: “Oh! All the reindeers is comin’ too!”

    • honorary virgin

      Sorry for the off-topic post, but for those who want to send flowers …

      The San Francisco Symphony posted this on its Facebook page Nov. 3:

      “Yesterday our Music Director, Michael Tilson Thomas, and his partner of 38 years, Joshua Robson, were married. The private ceremony was officiated by Mark Leno, California State Senator and close personal friend.” Photo of beaming couple was attached.

      (Since the SF Symphony does a semi-staged opera every season — last season’s “Peter Grimes” was terrific, with “Fidelio” (with Nina Stemme and Brandon Jovanovich, coming up in June — I figured the news belongs here.)

  • Lady Abbado

    I’m not into Xmas carols at all, but Youtube has a few of Angela’s Romanian carols from her 2013 album (there are a few more if you search):

  • Quanto Painy Fakor

    Marybe these links are different, or only working in the UK for the time being

  • Guestoria Unpopularenka

    This is a very realistic picture.

    • Cicciabella

      Many opera singers don’t look like their enhanced photos. Damrau, for example, looks nothing like her publicity shots. Netrebko’s photos for her Verdi album are all doctored. Although they’ve given Gheorghiu the bust of a 25-year-old and taken a lathe to her hips in this picture, she still looks great in real life, and not just for her age. Her Romanian carols album is beautiful. This one seems to be aiming at a wider audience. Why not? That’s what divas and Christmas are for.

      • If anything, her bust is less impressive in this album’s photoshop job than it is in real life, if the 2011 Tosca from Covent Garden is any guide:

        There is of course the question of whether there has been some, er, artificial intervention in real life as well. I for one do not care.

        • Lady Abbado

          Dabrovski, it’s easier to see her Tosca boobs as of 2011 in this clip:

        • Guestoria Unpopularenka

          I really wasn’t referring to her bust.

      • javier

        renee fleming is an opera singer who looks like her publicity shots. for example, in the new christmas album video on youtube, she looks stunning and she same is true for the photos. angela never looks like her publicity shots to me.

      • Porgy Amor

        Netrebko’s photos for her Verdi album are all doctored.

        Proving that in photography, there is no Hippocratic oath.

        • Ouf

          Either she has serious skin problems around the mouth or her lower law is made of rice paper.

          • Ouf


  • tannengrin

    That’s why one should always have assistants with dirty minds. Nobody pointed out to her that the title would lead to malicious mirth and raised eyebrows?

  • operaassport

    Hurry down my chimney ….”

    Oh my, Roberto is back!

  • quibbleglib

    Well, Santa, I can’t make any promises about the cookies, but it seems this year you’ll get a healthy helping of milk!

    • Krunoslav

      Thanks, Mr. Merrill,

  • WindyCityOperaman

    Anyone happen to know if there will be a US release of the CD this year? I’ve checked Warner Classics, EMI and Polygram websites and there’s no mention of it.

    • Lady Abbado

      Her Facebook statement says so…

      “Angela Gheorghiu releases “Guardian Angel”. The international Christmas carols CD is available in all the music stores in Romania. Soon available for international purchase”.

      However, the Romanian carols 2013 CD became available only on iTunes and on Amazon as mp3, which would make it suitable for personal use/downloading, but less so to give it as present as an actual, nicely packaged CD.

  • Cicciabella

    This remains my favourite Gheorghiu CD cover:
    It says so much: sixties airline glamour, Maria Callas, diva jetsetting, “Coffee, tea, or me?”, the Gheorghiu Slink, the ever-so-slighly parted lips (real quote: “I’m a natural woman”). A study in deliberate divadom.

    • Lady Abbado

      Voila…and a gorgeous Japanese song from said album:

      • Lady Abbado

        This French guy stole La Cieca’s photoshopped Gheorghiu album cover:

        • Ouf

          I saw that! It’s a great site, one of the best for opera, and on top of the news. But the “Chimney” cover without mention of Parterre made me think I had misunderstood the Parterre story.

        • Cicciabella

          Triple LOL

  • Cicciabella

    This is now available on Spotify, at least in Europe. Angela sings in various languages, including Globish garnished with an American accent. Nice tinselly arrangements and choir. The crossover items I won’t comment too much about, because I generally dislike crossover, but in them she sounds like she’s putting a lot of weight on her chest voice to beef it up. The traditional carols like “O Tannenbaum” are fine. The “We wish you a Happy Christmas” sounds like something Caballé would have enjoyed, with lots of high notes in the coda. She sings a really beautiful “Repentir” in French (there’s also an English version) and a beautiful lullaby-like number called “Vicerni Zvon”. Unfortunately, she holds the last pianissimo note too long to show off, and it starts to waver. Plenty for the fans to enjoy.

    • Lady Abbado

      + “Guardian Angel” is now available for download on iTunes stores worldwide” (says today Angie’s Facebook)

    • Krunoslav

      ” “Vicerni Zvon””, actually “Vechernii zvon: in Russian-- “Evening Bell[s]”-- started life as English lyric by Thomas Moore ( of “Last Rose of Summer” fame) but-- set to music by Aliabiev, best known for “The Nightingale”-- has long been a Russian favorite, often for soloist and chorus.

      • Cicciabella

        Thanks for the info, Krunoslav. Trust Spotify to get the spelling wrong.

      • luvtennis


        What on earth did you do to poor GCR? You know how delicate its sensibilities are these days…. Tsk…. :-)

    • tiger1

      The O Holy Night is pretty horrendous, not so much the singing but the arrangement, when suddenly it sounds like some kind of rhythm section is added -- and the high note at the end is too too too long. Strangely enough, Ms Gheorghiu sometimes reminds me a bit of Beverly Sills… Have not heard the rest -- but, if it is anything like O Holy Night, it is a true kitsch fest.

      • Cicciabella

        You’re right about the O Holy Night. I’d say the album is a mixture of kitsch and moderate restraint. I prefer her Romanian carols album, even though I can’t understand the language.

      • Lady Abbado

        For tiger1: