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Avec la garde montante

Brandon Jovanovich has agreed at short notice to step into the role of Don José in this evening’s performance of Carmen, replacing Aleksandrs Antonenko, who is ill. Jovanovich is currently at the Met rehearsing for next month’s revival of Shostakovich’s Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk.”  So says the Met press office. (PHoto: Ken Howard)

  • Quanto Painy Fakor

    Have we discussed the MET Toilet Paper Shorts yet? Judged on its own and without bemoaning the fact that this tiny video does nothing to inform people about opera, this one for Macbeth is harmless, well synched to the music and meaningless. The Toilet Paper series probably costs a pretty penny. Oh, Fortuna… perhaps the MET should not have spend money of this /these. If I bought a ticket to the opera based on the video and expected to see those flying daggers and special effects onstage, I’d be really disappointed. Nevertheless, Toilet Paper put together a nice movie short.

    • And the video claims to “inform people about opera” where in its mission statement? Does everything have to jam-packed with nutrients?

    • MontyNostry

      It doesn’t do anything at all. It’s just a confused mess -- It doesn’t even showcase any of the really exciting music, apart from the lead-in to that magnificent Act 1 ensemble (which is one of my favourite Verdi ensembles -- love it!) It’s about on the level of Julien Temple’s Rigoletto sequence from the 1987 movie Aria.

      • OpinionatedNeophyte

        If people insist that “opera” can only exist when exhibited within elitist cultural (the classroom/museum/art docu) and economic (the theater) space than they can’t really be upset about the art form “dying out.” To live things need to breathe and that’s hard to do when wrapped in a hermeneutically sealed bubble.

      • manou

        …and it is not only John who is Hurt.

        (and inexplicably done up as Puccini)

    • Indiana Loiterer III

      If I bought a ticket to the opera based on the video and expected to see those flying daggers and special effects onstage, I’d be really disappointed.

      One flying dagger is worth a hundred donkey carts…is it my imagination, or have even traditionalist opera productions become less attentive to special effects over the years, even as they become more overwhelmingly spectacular?

      Still, it’s a nice takeoff on old-time movie previews.

  • dramaturgical dame

    Who was the official cover?

    • Guestoria Unpopularenka

      Hong :D

    • messa di voce


    • Krunoslav

      Where is Gwyn Hughes Jones????????

  • Ilka Saro

    Oh quit being so negative. The string beans were a nice touch. I really felt the communication.

  • Seems like a win. Jovanovich is a terrific Don Jose and Antonenko, who I do adore, sounded in dire straits on the broadcast.

  • seegonzalez

    Hello everyone!
    Jonanovich was insane as Don Jose.

    • uwsinnyc

      I assume you mean insane in the good sense, right?
      Can you tell us more?
      How were Hartig and Rachvelishvilli?

      • messa di voce

        Le due Anite.

      • seegonzalez

        Hartig stole the show for me. The Parle-moi de ma mere scene was delicate and sweet. And Micaëla’s last aria got the loudest ovation of the night.

        Rachvelishvilli’s Carmen is a little too heavy for me. She plays on Carmen’s indifference more than any other emotion.