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Breaking opera news I can’t bring myself to care about

“It was patriotism—and fate—that launched Heather Pawsey’s 19-year search for Ogopogo. It wasn’t Lake Okanagan’s mythical creature itself that she was after, but an opportunity to stage a Canadian opera about an Ogopogo sighting,” [The Globe and Mail]


  • Billys Butt says:

    off subject, but I just noticed that Poplavskaya has disappeared from the MET’s new “Le nozze di Figaro”. That’s great news indeed, but is it actually news, or has this cast change already been published some time ago and I just didn’t notice? And does this mean it will actually be a Popsy-free season?

  • operacat says:

    Personally I care very much about any story of a person becoming so passionate about opera, especially a specific one. The addition of a person discovering opera in this story makes it even more special.

  • The Conte says:

    I third operacat’s thoughts.

    Ogopogo does remind me if a guy at my old school, though.

    He acquired the nickname “pogo”, and Oh, go Pogo sounds like something the girls would say back then…

  • Quanto Painy Fakor says:

    So when do we read the special news about the lockout?

    • The Conte says:

      Since I can’t afford to go to NY this coming season, part of me hopes the whole season will be postponed to 2015-16.

      I know, I’m selfish like that.

      • Jungfer Marianne Leitmetzerin says:

        Signor Conte: That would actually be kind of nice: to get the productions promised for 2014/2015 a year later. Among my fears is that if a season is cobbled together this year (as in 1969/1970 when a strike forced the season to open in late December), the first casualty will be “The Death of Klinghoffer” since it contains a great deal of very difficult choral music which will require much rehearsal, and there simply won’t be time in a schedule with a reduced season. What a convenient out/excuse for Gelb! I am just an observer from afar with a close Met relationship from a few decades ago, but everything I read about Gelb makes me dislike him more (even though I’ve never seen any production created under his Intendance).

        • Bill says:

          Jungfer -- I doubt that anyone in New York
          who attends the Met desires the season be
          postponed or cancelled. We do not have
          other alternatives in the city for major
          opera productions with the City Opera gone.
          There is of course Julliard and such with a
          few productions a year but flights to Munich, Vienna, Budapest, Berlin, Milan, London or Paris
          are no longer so cheap. To not have a season would also cause havoc as many subscribers at the
          Met might decide not to renew in subsequent seasons. There is not so much that I am truly
          looking forward to seeing in the first part of the 2014-15 Met season but even if one is not
          attending frequently it is nice to know that
          the Met is there and a good atraction for an interesting evening. You are correct of course
          that if the beginning of the season is curtailed
          certain operas scheduled are more likely to be
          scrapped than others in a limited season. One might be Meistersinger, the only opera of
          Wagner or Richard Strauss scheduled for 2014-15
          at the Met. In that respect you, Jungfer, are
          fortunate to have Vienna available to you, Munich, Bratislava, Budapest, Brno, Prague,Graz etc. within range. We have not heard how
          the Met’s ticket office (now open) is selling
          to date with a looming lockout, compared to previous years when there was no threat of a strike. Anyone have inside information?

          Going to Bard tomorrow on the bus for Fierrabras.
          First time I will have seen the opera only
          familiar to me from one or two radio hearings of the old DGG CD from Wien with Abbado conducting.
          The current production at the Salzburg
          Festival has apparently been well received by
          the audience and at least some of the critics alike.

          • redbear says:

            I saw a production of Fierrabras some years ago when the Zurich Opera stopped a couple of weeks at Chatelet. Don’t remember much except that some kid named Kaufmann sang the title role.

  • Krunoslav says:

    I think this sounds like the most noteworthy vocal music project of its kind since the group of songs co-opting Native American texts that required Heidi Grant Murphy to face in the directions of the four winds in turn as she performed them.