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“Rely on the flamboyant German soprano Simone Kermes to steal scenes as La Jolie.” [New York Times]

  • Salome Where She Danced

    Which Jolie? Angelina or Gabor?

    • operaassport

      Considering the venue, probably Gabor.

  • manou

  • Grane

    Rameau’s beloved opera has been updated to the 2012 Academy Awards.

    • armerjacquino

      The question is, who is playing the scorned L’Anistone?

  • Camille

    All I’d like to know is if a hot dog makes her lose control:

    Posted for all you innocents under the age of fifty who did not know the glories of “The Patty Duke Show”, and for our British Brigade.

  • But she didn’t steal scenes, nor, to her credit, did she try to.

  • operaassport

    Is she really flamboyant? I think of Rip Taylor as flamboyant.

  • Marcello

    In Paris last week, her part was “La Folie”. Suits her very well.

  • Satisfied

    I’ve been desperate to get a ticket for this without any luck for weeks…anyone have one to spare?? Really want to see this!!

    • Jamie01

      Same here! Nothing at the box office or on craigslist.

      • Hippolyte

        The concert “sold out” pretty quickly but tickets have periodically shown up on the Lincoln Center website; as recently as last Friday there were 4 tickets available for sale. Since the Times mention, those disappeared.

        I’m unsure how Kermes will be able to steal “scenes” since La Folie only really has the one big scene which doesn’t occur until the second half of the evening.

  • redbear

    The Opera-Comique televised this live last Tuesday on Mezzo TV in Europe. That will be available for streaming on April 3, they say, at:
    Yes, there are Karl Largerfeld and Coco Chanel characters. Yes, there is an orgy.

  • Not *much* of an orgy, though.

  • Satisfied

    Lucked out and scored a seat for tomorrow! It appears that there are a few left if you call CenterCharge.