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Dancing bears

“La parole humaine est comme un chaudron fêlé où nous battons des mélodies à faire danser les ours, quand on voudrait attendrir les étoiles.”

But don’t let that stop you, cher public.


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    zinka says:

    After Sondra Radvanovsky’s glorious Tosca, I still wanted to sample Elizabeth Matos, who was an exciting Abigaille. Unfortunately, except for some fabulous high C’s, the voice is vibrato-ridden and rather unpleasant;she cannot sustain the beautiful Puccini line, and generally speaking she was not very good.
    Giordani is as close to Corelli as anyone could be when he goes for those top notes.They blow you out of your seat, although in a different way. The breath control is superb, as in the “E lucevan,” and he continues to be a rarity in this day and age,when one (at least me) longs for the kind of singing that makes me jump in my seat!
    Gagnidze is a superb power-house of a Scarpia and I enjoyed him very much. The act two tension never lets up, and after about 5000 Toscas, you still come away shaking your head over what Puccini accomplished. Except for the “Vissi d’arte” the second act was quite thrilling.
    Again,I point out that John Del Carlo and Richard Bernstein make quite a fine impression in act one with excellent “non-comprimario” voices.
    You just LOVE my railing against those dumb people who MUST BE HEARD reacting in act one to phrases like “ma fa gli occhi neri” or “Davanti alla Madonna.” Nothing wrong with a smile, but they choose to laugh aloud at those titles, which opera theatres did not have for 200 years. I know all about it..I am a I’m not!! I do not come to opera (which is SACRED) to READ!!!!!
    With all my best for a great holiday! Charlie, il puzzo del giardino

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      Bianca Castafiore says:

      Amazing, tzinka, that you can hear “vibrato-ridden” in Matos’ voice but not in Sondra’s????? Sondra’s could basically power a small building in Manhattan.

      And that you could not hear Giordani turning hoarse and tight in Act II… By “E lucevan le stelle”, his voice was pretty much shot…

      • 61.1.1
        zinka says:

        Sondra no longer has the flutter.The voice is as round and gorgeous as Stella…Matos and Sondra comparison is like Netrebko and Racette. Giordani did noit feel well but he still sounded fine…

          Bianca Castafiore says:

          Ha! You need to clear your ears, tzinka.

          Btw, overall I’d much rather go see/hear Racette over Netrebko’s muddy mush of a voice.

      • 61.1.2
        zinka says:

        I just watched the PRIVATE video of the e lucevan..he has NO PROBLEM…….My bravoes are sure loud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • 61.2
      Jack Jikes says:

      I have been meaning to thank you Zinka for your “Get thee to Popsy’s Faust” alert --
      my last truly transcendent night at the opera. I was at the last performance of the
      run and was joined by an ecstatic audience -- we lifted the roof at curtain call.
      I -- once again -- will follow your advice and go to Sondra’s Tosca.

      • 61.2.1
        zinka says:

        Someone actually is influenced by MOI??????????????\


        Yes, I appreciate your words..Love ch

    • 61.3
      Krunoslav says:

      “Gagnidze is a superb power-house of a Scarpia”

      Jesus! He gave a decent, competent performance. From my seat he sounded like late career Frank Valentino.

      • 61.3.1
        zinka says:

        FUNNNNY.We laughed at Valentino who never said an “eh’vowel..Instead it was EYYY as in CHENYIEYYYY.we laughed for years..Gagnidze was fine…

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    zinka says:

    Just a reminder that you can find the 7 year podcast archives on my podcast click on the month and year..You can also write the name of a singer or opera in the search space and get old stuff.

    LOVE TO YOU ALL for the Xmas season..and Buon Natale from Marcello (well, I cleaned it up)

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    Feldmarschallin says:

    Does anyone know if the Rumpus Room is closed this week? Where is Batty?

    • 63.1
      laddie says:

      Dear Feld, La Cieca has not posted a new topic for off topic posts this week; this usually triggers a new menu from Genevieve. Hope you are having lovely holidays.

      • 63.1.1
        Feldmarschallin says:

        Yes thanks to Herr Bachler I am already having good holidays. They will continue until the 12.1 this year! What more could one wish for than on the first holiday to have a nice goose with dumplings and Brussels sprouts from the garden and then go hear Harteros and Kaufmann with the group of friends that you just had lunch with? Hope you and all the others have a happy Christmas too. Fragende I hope to see you either tonight or on the 25th. I will be upstairs Gallerie links. Just look for a huge group of people and will be in the middle of that group :) Red and green are the colors this time.