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Long division

La Cieca hears that Anna Netrebko and Erwin Schrott have decided to go their separate ways. Expect an official announcement within a day or so.

  • ding ding

    I did find it interesting that Erwin’s facebook page has a picture on top of the page which is clearly making a stance against the Putin government whilst his “wife” has been coming under fire for her association with Putin. Now we know…

    • pobrediablo

      She had to separate from him otherwise Putin would have jailed her :O

    • A while back he also expressed his enthusiastic approval when his country (Uruguay) enacted same-sex marriage. Good on him and all, though there’s only so much credit you can give for an accident of birth.

      Uruguay’s President Mujica — a former Tupamaro guerrilla, by the way — has to be one of the world’s more adorable heads of state.

  • antikitschychick

    I’ve just seen the Callas documentary that Quanto posted on another thread and I am completely traumatized. What a gloriously fascinating yet unrelentingly tragic life journey that was!…So yeah after having seen that I do hope AN will be ok! :-P. She seems like a strong woman and the circumstances are different though so I’m not too worried… loneliness can be a killer, true, but at least she has her son and other family members…Maria had no one…coincidentally (or perhaps not) AN was actually born two days after Maria’s Death (though many years later obviously). Peculiar fact. Just thought I’d share.