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No “Boys” allowed

A shocking message one teenager sends to another leads to scandal and death in an opera featured in this season’s “Live in HD” series from the Met. No, it’s not Two Boys, which premieres Monday: that work will not be included among the telecasts because of its “adult themes.” Eugene Onegin, on the other hand, is perfectly okay for children of all ages. Other child-appropriate themes the Met will explore this season include rape, dismemberment, adultery, suicideethnic cleansing and interspecies sexual relationships.

  • The 2011 film “Bully” received an R rating and ended up having only a very narrow release -- same story with “Thirteen” Roger Ebert made the point that the films that kids most need to see are the ones we’re protecting them from, and it seems that the same weird strategy is in play here now.

    • antikitschychick

      Right you are Claudia F.

      I saw the film Thirteen around the time it came out and it had a profound impact on me. That movie was more about peer pressure than bullying I think, although peer pressure is certainly a form of bullying so I guess it deals with it in a broader sense. Its really great that considerable efforts are being made to bring social awareness (and an end) to bullying. Even if what we experience as kids in school is just a microcosm of what society as a whole is like.

      • Henry Holland

        Its really great that considerable efforts are being made to bring social awareness (and an end) to bullying

        We will never end “bullying”, the strong will always pick on the weak. As my Dad has remarked, you want to see some of the cruelest beings on our planet? Watch a group of pre-teen kids when they think they aren’t being watched.

        I’m always wary when my fellow Americans get on moral crusades. There tends to be an over-reaction that causes more problems than it solves. Here’s a case in point:

        Sorry, I’ve been on really crappy sports teams that got routed like that, including a game my bad softball team played at the 1994 Gay Games against a team of semi-pro’s assembled to win the “A” division that ended up being 35-0. Just as the team that lost 91-0 knew what they were there for --cannon fodder-- we did too.

        I think cases like the one in Texas trivialize bullying, which is real and which I’ve experienced. It will become a situation where anyone who is on the wrong end of a result --sports, business, getting a role at the Met-- can claim bullying. No, sometimes life really sucks and is unfair.

        • antikitschychick

          I should have said efforts are being made to create awareness about bullying in hopes that it will at least be less socially acceptable, because yes, bullying will never really end as you say, which is why I later stated that (the bullying) we experience as kids in school is just a microcosm of what society as a whole is like.

          I completely sympathize with what you experienced as I too was bullied in junior high; only it was the the nasty & bitchy kind we females get from other females. I agree that we need to be weary of using the term ‘bullying’ too loosely and the Texas case certainly doesn’t qualify as bullying since they knew what they were getting into as you pointed out. Having said that, I do think the way the game played out is interesting as a psycho-social phenomenon because its not hard to see the parallels between the score and the dire economic strain this country is facing; To wit, the 92-0 accurately depicts the overwhelming disparity between social classes we have not seen since The Great Depression: in a nutshell, some people have “everything” (92) while others have “nothing” (0). I find it very telling how people feel the need to file a bullying complaint against a football team and not against the corporate thugs who created this mess in the first place.

  • florezrocks

    any kind souls able to record the livestream tonight??

  • alejandro

    I’ll be there tonight. Would love to say hello to any Parterre peeps.

    • alejandro

      I also just entered the Weekend drawing for Midsummer. *crossing fingers*

      • antikitschychick

        Good Luck! :-D.

  • alejandro

    Well, I had some issues.

    • antikitschychick

      awwww :-( que paso?

      • alejandro

        oh I didn’t love Two Boys. I commented on it in the off-topic thread

  • zinka

    Despite there being no cabalettas in “Two Boys,” it was a verysuccessful show..with reservations (for me anyway). Here are my comments:


    1. Fabulous staging,directing,projections

    2, Appleby a wonderful lyric tenor..One of the best today!

    3. Biggest ovation to sweet kid as Jake…Christopher Bolduc (debut)

    4. Gorgeous choral work…best part of the music.

    5. Only lady who projected a fine voice: Sandra Piques Eddy

    6. Keith Miller..small role,but he always stands out..Want him in LEADS!!!!!


    1. Despite titles (first time in my life I needed them), hard to understand plot..Symbolism,References, Concepts. Am I slow?????

    2. As usual,cannot understand a word. (In opera that is usual,especially ladies’ voices, but at least we know the (dumb) plots.

    3. Coote in leading role….I fear her Octavian will be “eh.” Not a special sound,like the other ladies except Eddy.

    The score is one I cannot really appreciate..I am sure on listening,I would get more out of it. My problem was that I had trouble following the plot.

    By the way…They spelled “fuk” wrong…………………………..Charlie