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E d’ogni re maggior il Trubadur!

UPDATE: A sleep-deprived La Cieca and DeCaffarrelli unanimously hail has reviewed the results once more and, in a revised ruling, declares a tie between Trubadur (pictured) and Giasone at 27 all as winners of the “Ladies in the Dark” vocal ID competition.

The complete list of singers is as follows:

  1. Maria Callas – Mexico 1950
  2. Julia Varady – Hamburg 1993
  3. Gina Cigna – Covent Garden 1939
  4. Aprile Millo – MET 1989
  5. Gré Brouwenstijn – Amsterdam 1953
  6. Antonietta Stella – MET 1960
  7. Anita Cerquetti – Mexico 1957
  8. Sylvia Sass – Hamburg 1977
  9. Angela Meade – Peralada 2012
  10. Astrid Varnay – New Orleans 1952
  11. Stella Roman & Jussi Bjoerling – MET 1947
  12. Jonas Kaufmann & Anna Netrebko – Berlin 2011
  13. Zinka Milanov – MET 1945
  14. Ljiljana Molnar-Talajic & Carlo Bergonzi  — Vienna 1973
  15. Franco Bonisolli & Joan Sutherland – Covent Garden 1981
  16. Leontyne Price & Luciano Pavarotti – Vienna 1977
  17. Renata Scotto – Paris 1975
  18. Martina Arroyo – MET 1966
  19. Anna Tomowa-Sintow – Chicago 1987
  20. Teresa Zylis-Gara – Radio France 1983
  21. Carmen Giannattasio – MET 2012
  22. Marina Poplavskaya – Brussels 2012
  23. Krassimira Stoyanova  — Barcelona 2009
  24. June Anderson  — MET 1998
  25. Lucia Aliberti – Washington, DC 2000

The shared haul for this win includes a brand new 16GB iPod Touch and a gift certificate for downloads of 20 complete operas, all provided by our good friends at Opera Depot.


  • Giasone says:


    Many thanks for all the congratulations!

    Special thanks to scifisci, for without your acute observation, I would have been deprived of the win.

    Trubadur, it is especially rewarding to share the win with you.

    In celebrating opera as the most collaborative of arts, it was great to build upon each other’s answers in order to submit the most complete entry possible.

    Therefore, thanks are also in order to all other parterrians who provided insight for identifying many of the singers.

  • Quanto Painy Fakor says:

    Adding two tickets to Carmen to the prize:

  • Trubadur says:

    My sincere thanks to everyone, especially to La Cieca and DeCaffarrelli for providing us with a great, fun and challenging quiz (and great prizes!), and to Giasone and Enzo Bordello whose skills in identifying artists are far superior to my own. I’m sure that all together we can get the perfect score on the next quiz.

    Much more rewarding than winning is the realization that I am not alone in appreciating 25 wonderful Leonoras who in their different ways sing to us about love, loss and the beauty of being a human being.

    And I can’t believe I missed Ljiljana Molnar Talajic, who lived and worked in my home country and whom I saw and heard several times as a child!

  • FomalHaut says:

    Great contest! I was surprised some great Leonora’s were left out of the contest; perhaps their voices were to distinct and it would have been an easy catch? Gencer, Radvanovsky, Moffo, Deutekom, Gheorghiu, etc.

    • Cocky Kurwenal says:

      And Jones of course.

      • DeCaffarrelli says:

        As my quizzes (rather than those done by others) eschew commercial recordings in favor of live performances, it wouldn’t have been possible to include performers like Moffo or Gheorghiu who as far as I know never sang the music in public. I believe Gencer did Trovatore on stage but I’ve never seen any live recordings of her Leonora--just the famous RAI film, which was, of course, recorded in a studio.

        • Cocky Kurwenal says:

          There are at least 2 live performances with Jones available, from Covent Garden and Vienna, but then of course you can’t include everybody -- probably a very good thing to include all these lesser-known accounts, even if it does put the quiz beyond the reach of the likes of me!

        • Hugo Santos says:

          Regarding Gencer’s Leonora, there are some excerpts floating around from a 1957 Trieste performance with Mario Filippeschi and Ettore Bastianini.

  • La Valkyrietta says:

    Congratulations again!

  • tannengrin says:

    I couldn’t even begin to dissemble all those ladies! How many years and hours of intense listening does it take !?

    Slightly OT: I just saw on Alex Ross’ site that the tradition of troubadouring is alive and well and even Eric Clapton wins by adding some Scottish garb and lovely voices: