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Final immolation update

The score in the Immolation Quiz now stands tied at 23 all, with both leading entries identifying wrongly the same two segments of the quiz. The names of these singers associated with those two fragments, furthermore, have not been guessed by anyone playing the quiz.

So there you have it: figure out which are the two leading entries, which are the two slots both have guessed incorrectly, conjure up the names of the two mystery singers, and the copy of Wagner at the Met: Legendary Performances is yours for the taking.

Remember: Saturday, May 11, 2013 at 11:00 am ends the competition, so this is your last chance!

  • k0000

    La Cieca notes that 1) the two current leading entries both wrongly identify the singers in the same two segments of the quiz, and that 2) the names of the singers associated with these fragments have not been identified by anyone who has contributed to this thread.

    For those of you still in the game, here’s an alphabetized list of the singers who have been mentioned so far. La Cieca, will you confirm that the two mystery singers do not appear on this list?

    Altmeyer, Jeannine
    Arroyo, Martina
    Austral, Florence
    Baird, Janice
    Behle, Renate
    Bjoner, Ingrid
    Borkh, Inge
    Brewer, Christine
    Bullock, Susan
    Bumbry, Grace
    Caballe, Montserrat
    Dalayman, Katarina
    DeVol, Luana
    Dvorakova, Ludmilla
    Eaglen, Jane
    Easton, Florence
    Evans, Anne
    Farrell, Eileen
    Flagstad, Kirsten
    Fukuda, Shoko
    Gasteen, Lisa
    Grob-Prandl, Gertrud
    Hahn, Brigitte
    Harshaw, Margaret
    Herlitzius, Evelyn
    Horne, Marilyn
    Hunter, Rita
    Jones, Gwyneth
    Kappel, Gertrud
    Knie, Roberta
    Konetzni, Anny
    Kovacs, Esther
    Kuchta, Gladys
    Lang, Petra
    Larsen-Todsen, Nanny
    Lawrence, Marjorie
    Leider, Frida
    Ligendza, Caterina
    Lindholm, Berit
    Lubin, Germaine
    Martin, Janis
    Marton, Eva
    Mastilovic, Danica
    Meier, Johanna
    Meier, Waltraud
    Modl, Martha
    Moser, Edda
    Napier, Marita
    Nilsson, Birgit
    Nordica, Lillian
    Norman, Jessye
    Owen, Susan
    Piersen, Susan Marie
    Pohl, Carla
    Polaski, Deborah
    Porackova, Joanna
    Primrose, Claire
    Rysanek, Leonie
    Salminen, Matti
    Schnaut, Gabriele
    Secunde, Nadine
    Shuard, Amy
    Silberbauer, Eva
    Steger, Ingrid
    Stemme, Nina
    Theorin, Irene
    Traubel, Helen
    Urmana, Violeta
    Valkki, Anita
    Varady, Julia
    Varnay, Astrid
    Vinzing, Ute
    Voigt, Deborah
    Wachutka, Elizaberth-Marie
    Watson, Linda
    Wildbrunn, Helene
    Wilson, Jennifer
    Wray, Margaret Jane
    Yoes, Janice

    • k0000

      I inadvertently omitted Christa Ludwig from the list I just posted.

    • Read what I said more carefully. I said that the two missing names had not been “guessed,” that is, offered as a possible identification for a specific clip. (A lot of other names have been mentioned in the more general discussion, and I do not asset that the “missing” singers have never been mentioned by name in that discussion.)

      UPDATE: I have just checked again, and neither of the two singers in question has been offered as an official guess, though their names may have been mentioned in the more general discussion.

  • Hippolyte

    Without combing through the other threads about this quiz, I will offer that I previously mentioned Kniplova at some point, and I’d be surprised if Dernesch wasn’t brought up somewhere, and given that Behrens is discussed “ad nauseum” on virtually every other topic, I suspect she should be on the list as well.

  • stevey

    Isn’t this fascinating??? I’m DYING to find out who the two mystery ladies are…. Oh, and am I wrong in thinking that BIG kudos are warranted for the magnificently comprehensive list o’ Brunnhildes above?? Pretty impressive, I’d say!

    Accordingly, I’m going to hazard another guess (“guess”, of course, being the operative word here… ;-) ). Here goes:

    1- Birgit Nilsson
    2- Rita Hunter
    3- Jane Eaglen
    4- Violeta Urmana
    5- Gwyneth Jones
    6- Edda Moser
    7- Marjorie Lawrence
    8- Gertrude Grob Prandl
    9- Helen Traubel
    10- Janice Baird
    11- Marilyn Horne
    12- Germaine Lubin
    13- Montserrat Caballe
    14- Frida Leider
    15- Margaret Harshaw
    16- Ludmila Dvorakova
    17- Eileen Farrell
    18- Astrid Varnay
    19- Grace Bumbry
    20- Kirsten Flagstad
    21- Anita Valkki
    22- Martha Modl
    23- Johanna Gadski
    24- Leonie Rysanek
    25- Matti Salminen

    I was torn between Baird, Lisa Gasteen, and Luana DeVol for 10, and with Dvorakova, Gladys Kuchta, and Berit Lindholm for 16. Then I realized that vacillating wasn’t going to get me any further (perhaps further CONFUSED, but it doesn’t take much to do that…), so I’d better just find a reason for deciding on somebody (no matter how specious), PICK someone, and then go reward myself with a nice, big glass of wine (it’s got to be ‘wine o’clock’ somewhere… if not, then I can always fall back on ‘beer thirty’… ;-) )

    Best wishes to you all!! :-)

  • k0000

    As you’ll see from Hippolyte’s post, my list isn’t in fact comprehensive (I inadvertently omitted Dernesch and Behrens). And despite the list’s length, there are still a number of singers who recorded some or all of the scene who aren’t on the list because no one mentioned them.

  • Bianca Castafiore

    Returned to the Siegfried tonight at the Met, after finishing the Ring cycle last week. I was curious enough about the new cast that I braved the possibility of sitting through Voigt’s Brünnhilde. Well, if there’s a role that might be the least offensive as far as she is concerned right now, this might be it since it sits very high and her top register is the least compromised of her tattered voice. Unfortunately even her top notes are thinning out a lot… Fortunately, it’s also the shortest of the Brünnhildes…

    Cleveman made a very successful debut in the title role. It’s a somewhat lightweight and more lyrical voice than we might be used to — not as dark, barytonal as many Siegfrieds, nor endowed with a lot of metal or heft. I liked him a lot, he projected well, and only ran out of steam a little bit towards the end.

    Loved Richard Paul Fink’s powerhouse Alberich and Brubaker’s Mime. I’ve been very lucky with Mimes. My first was Brubaker in 2009, when he outsang the Siegfried; then Siegel last week. Like Siegel, Brubaker is a wonderful character tenor but also sings some heldentenor roles. They both produce very even, well-supported and substantial voices. Siegel’s tone is much brighter though.

    Fink’s Alberich was sonorous and incisive, in contrast with Owens’, which can be grainier and mushier in tone. König was very solid again as Fafner. The audience liked Grimsley’s Wotan more than I did, but he was certainly more sonorous than Delavan. It’s a somewhat distinct voice, but there’s a buzz to it that is not always attractive.

    What a glorious and beautiful score. That’s the main reason I went back tonight. Unfort. it ended more with a whimper than a bang. “Ewig war ich” is just glorious, glorious music, but it was marred by Cleveman getting tired by then (who can blame him?) and Voigt’s Grannyhilde… No matter, it was a very good evening at the Met.

  • Baltsamic Vinaigrette

    Well in that case I’m definitely guessing Veronica Villaroel now.

  • Etienne F.

    One more go then. Still clueless about #10 and #16.

    1. Birgit Nilsson
    2. Rita Hunter
    3. Jane Eaglen
    4. Violeta Urmana
    5. Gwyneth Jones
    6. Edda Moser
    7. Marjorie Lawrence
    8. Gertrude Grob-Prandl
    9. Helen Traubel
    10. Gabriele Schnaut
    11. Marilyn Horne
    12. Germaine Lubin
    13. Monserrat Caballe
    14. Frida Leider
    15. Margaret Harshaw
    16. Gladys Kuchta
    17. Eileen Farrell
    18. Astrid Varnay
    19. Grace Bumbry
    20. Kirsten Flagstad
    21. Anita Välkki
    22. Martha Mödl
    23. Johanna Gadski
    24. Leonie Rysanek
    25. Matti Salminen


  • k0000

    Final attempt:

    1. Birgit Nilsson
    2. Roberta Knie
    3. Jane Eaglen
    4. Violeta Urmana
    5. Gwyneth Jones
    6. Edda Moser
    7. Marjorie Lawrence
    8. Gertrud Grob-Prandl
    9. Helen Traubel
    10. Berit Lindholm (London 1976?)
    11. Marilyn Horne
    12. Germaine Lubin
    13. Montserrat Caballe
    14. Frida Leider
    15. Margaret Harshaw
    16. Amy Shuard (Covent Garden 1965)
    17. Eileen Farrell
    18. Astrid Varnay
    19. Grace Bumbry
    20. Kirsten Flagstad
    21. Anita Välkki
    22. Martha Mödl
    23. Johanna Gadski
    24. Leonie Rysanek
    25. Matti Salminen