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Maggio musicale

On this lovely first day of May, La Cieca encourages the cher public (pictured) to offer a word of thanks to this month’s sponsors of Carnegie Hall, The InsightALT Festival and the Bayerische Staatsoper.

  • Buster

    Thank you very much, Carnegie Hall:

  • Quanto Painy Fakor

    • Will

      Was there a date ion this? He sounds very young.

  • Camille

    Is that The Millo pole which has been so gaily festooned for the day?

    Don’t know, as I never have been there.

    Carnegie Hall is my number one destination in New York City for my musical thrills. There is nothing else as good. And I should make mention of the 10% reduction in ticket prices for all Bank of America(rd) customers of Carnegie-sponsored events, which is appreciated.

    As well, please call box office—as I do not know current policies—about same-day reduced price tickets on various concerts in Stern Auditorium. It’s worth the effort.

    Carnegie Hall, I love you, and with all my heart. I always feel privileged to enter your doors.

    • Howard Hanson imagines some well-behaved Polovtsii coming to New England to dance around the maypole.

      And of course, May Day is very, very big in China:

    • papopera


      • Papopera, don’t you think this slogan is a bit, um, out of place, given the results its application brought to the world?

      • Papopera, every time you throw one of your little tantrums, I post another video :-)

      • Camille
  • Jamie01

    I’ll be at Carnegie on Saturday evening for the Renee Fleming, Emerson String Quartet, Jeremy Denk, etc. Viennese program. And I did get my tickets by clicking through from Parterre Box.

    Among other reasons for loving Carnegie, I can get home from there without switching trains at Times Square. So take that, Lincoln Center!

  • louannd

    And thank you Bayerische Staatsoper for the opportunity to see Kusej’s production of Macbeth.

  • danpatter

    If this has been posted already, I apologize, but for anyone curious about what a Bartoli NORMA will sound like, her Dortmund performance is available complete on YouTube. Here’s Part 1, though she doesn’t show up till part 2. I can’t say I like any of this at all.

    • danpatter

      For those of us who grew up listening to Callas, Sutherland, Caballe and a few lesser lights, I’m afraid Cecelia’s Norma just can’t quite compare. It’s a dizzyingly fast performance. Listen to the end of Act 1 (part 4) -- it’s a real scramble.