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  • operacat: I guess I am confused about how the way the product is being presented is antiquated. I have been... 6:56 PM
  • operaassport: Because Gelb is smart. He knows that to change the business model and the way opera is... 6:56 PM
  • jackoh: I would cite two initiatives that Gelb has taken to advance the presentation of opera. One is the HD... 6:51 PM
  • Clita del Toro: We don’t want to keep it like the good old days, Oedipe. We are riled up because we are... 6:46 PM
  • oedipe: If opera were an obsolete product, why the hell do we all get so riled up about it on Parterre? Well,... 6:27 PM
  • Jamie01: If Mr. Gelb feels the way the product is currently being produced and presented is obsolete,... 6:25 PM
  • La Valkyrietta: From the voting results one can conclude people are optimistic. Maybe they want to see... 6:21 PM
  • olliedawg: If opera were an obsolete product, why the hell do we all get so riled up about it on Parterre? La... 6:13 PM
  • armerjacquino: I was very popular in high school so no unfulfilled angsty anything to compensate for, I... 6:13 PM
  • Uncle Kvetch: There is a difference between saying that the “product” is inherently obsolete and saying that... 6:12 PM


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  • zinka says:

    My latest podcast at: http://handelmania.libsyn.com features a Los Angeles 1980 La Boheme with Diana Soviero,whom I have always considered one of the greatest artists in my long opera experience. I think you will like it. Diana,along with Scotto and Zeani, are the very last of the “verismo divas,” and the voice, combined with the attention to the phrase, the word, the inflection, add up to a “complete” artist. I feel fortunate that I have enjoyed Diana for over 35 years. Brava to her always!!!!!

  • zinka says:

    I get trashed for daring to speak of Leontyne’s crazy mannerisms..but here is an example of GREATNESS, showing that when she was not doing her “thing,” it was amazing…just amazing!!!!!!!!!!

  • zinka says:


    THIS is what happens when you do not have enough covers for the Ring Operas..or it could be the MALEDIZIONE of the machine….

  • zinka says:

    I was forced to have to use good food to feed all the animals in the neighborhood when i played this….They were able to hear her J#….