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Found object

Well, you can slash La Cieca’s veins, drink her blood and trample her corpse, because she did not see this one coming! According to the very reliable échotiers over at Forum Opera, Placido Domingo will sing his first Conte di Luna in Vienna Berlin in November of this year opposite the Leonora of Anna Netrebko!


  • operanow says:

    Doesn’t it say Berlin Staatsoper?

  • peter says:

    Well no one can accuse Domingo of being a small repertory singer.

  • oedipe says:

    La Cieca,

    I believe they are talking about Berlin, not Vienna.

  • manou says:

    Conte di Lunatic

  • Nerva Nelli says:

    And in 2017: Ferrando!

  • lucy brown says:

    Considering Placido’s…maturity… in comparison to the character’s, I must quote my husband and ask, “Who will do his makeup, Sherwin Williams?”

    • Clita del Toro says:

      LOL Lucy

    • Vergin Vezzosa says:

      Lucy -- yes, LOL for me too. But you have also highlighted what really seriously bothers me most about the PD di Luna. For goodness sakes, the character is a fiery young man, Manrico’s brother, not his father! Ideally a romantic lead. I do not think it is humanly possible to create any sense of credibility with PD as di Luna competing with Manrico for Leonora. Regardless of one’s opinion of the vocalism, one can argue that PD is justifiable dramatically in the father/older warrior/statesmen baritone roles like Nabucco, Foscari, Rigoletto, Germont and Boccanegra that he had taken on. Di Luna, I don’t think so .

  • Camille says:

    When may we expect his Boris GutEnuf?

    • kennedet says:

      I think this is bordering on neurosis or narcissism. Celebrated opera Tenor,conductor,producer,administrator and now beginning a career as an operatic baritone in his 70′s???? If he had the reputation of doing them all well one could conceive of him as a genius but that is not the case!!! Has anyone else done this???

    • Adriana Levancouver says:

      Or perhaps his ????? ??????? (Boris Badenov)?

      • Adriana Levancouver says:

        Sorry for all those question marks. Apparently comments here can’t handle Cyrillic characters.

    • The_Kid says:

      I’d rather have the Dolora Zajick “Doris Godunov” :D

    • Chanterelle says:

      It’s the BALLET that’s selling all those tickets, oedipe, you know that! Joel really has sucked all the life out of opera on Paris main stages. In the ladies’ room at interval you should hear the little old ladies complaining bitterly about how dull and condescending the productions are…

      • oedipe says:

        But Chanterelle, you should know by now: the French have ALWAYS complained and will ALWAYS complain, it’s part of the “je n’sais quoi” and it makes one look sophisticated and discerning…

        But seriously, regarding the ballet versus opera, there are about twice as many opera performances as ballet performances, and there were 6 opera productions for which the WHOLE RUN was sold out! Among the sold out runs: the extraordinary Haneke Don Giovanni and the magical Carsen Capriccio, so it’s not as if only crappy productions sell out. How many completely sold out runs did the Met have in 2012?

        I think the question to be asked here is: on an ongoing basis (i.e. independent of politics), what exactly is at work that makes this much maligned opera house do relatively well in difficult times.

  • Clita del Toro says:

    Oh, shit!

  • metapindar says:

    Oh, for God’s sake. Yes, I suppose he will continue to generate some ticket sales for curiosity’s sake, but he’s now actively *in the way* of other or younger true baritones…since he’s neither younger *nor* a baritone.

    • oedipe says:

      I suppose he will continue to generate some ticket sales for curiosity’s sake (Bold emphasis mine).

      Well, consider this: the ROH’s Nabucco this season has two casts, one with Domingo, one with (the much superior, IMO) Nucci. When tickets went on sale, the Domingo dates sold out in a matter of hours (minutes?), whereas the Nucci dates had (and still have) plenty of available tickets left. The same scenario was repeated for the Domingo Nabucco at the Staatsoper in Vienna, where the run sold out almost immediately. The French consider Domingo a god who can do no wrong. It’s only in America that his worship is lesser. So you see, in terms of opinions about singers and their worth, it’s all relative…