Cher Public

Powers that will make martial law seem like anarchy

That’s the kind of casting abilities you’ve got, cher public, two of you in particular, who are the winners of the Manchurian Candidate competition.

The most plausible of suggestions was also the most detailed, with plenty of options for artists who are unavailable or suffering from dehydration or whatever. That’s Baritenor‘s treatise, which even included casting suggestions for roles not mentioned in the original challenge. That extra mile makes all the difference!

And for its combination of impossible-dream opera queenery and sheer lunacy, nobody could beat Lucy Brown with her suggestion of a Lauren Flanigan/Jonas Kaufmann/Michael Fabiano triumvirate. Though, to be honest, La Cieca would go to anything if it featured a skincapped Cecilia Bartoli doing karate.

Congratulations to both our winners, and don’t trust anyone who looks like Angela Lansbury.