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Scent of mystery

Which Met prima donna whacked the leading man over the head with her score after he had the… what’s the word?… audacity to wear cologne to a rehearsal of their one scene together?

  • perfidia

    People in the business might know differently, but Zajick has always impressed me as a no nonsense performer who gets her work done with a minimum of fuss. I wonder if there is more to her reaction. And allergies for singers can be a bitch. Your throat just closes up in some cases. Zajick didin’t get to where she has been for so long, grinding out the big parts day in and day out by not being really careful about her voice.

  • phoenix

    Ha! with so many years on her as la grande Principessa da Boullion she gets poisoned by her own colleagues’ violets!

    I might add that crusising Central Park for decades has not helped situation (see below):

  • phoenix

    If Madame Z is not the perpetrator in this assault, then we must wait several weeks for the authorities below (left to right: m.croche, Cocky Kurvenal and Camille) to finish a complete DNA forensic investigation in their lavaoratories:

    • Camille

      phoenix, my man, I appreciate the attribution, I really do, BUT~~~watch your back side when Clita del Toro sees this as the lady to the far right is actually Our Own Clita, pas moi.

      This is me in my line of work — very little perfume, or anything else for that matter, involved —-

      AND, in fact — bonus — Clita del T. is also in this movie in a scene with moi

      Clita appears at 3:05. This is where CdelT got her start in the movies and where we first met up. Long since reconciled our differences now that we both are living in screen legend land.

      Happy day, phoenix!

      • MontyNostry

        I never new Norma Shearer could be a bad girl.

        • Camille

          How did she make it to the top? Just ask Joan/Clita:
          “She slept with the BOSS!”

          Plenty of time to be a lady once you get to the top of the heap.
          The stories I could tell about Sofia Lazzarro and La Lollo…! Magari!

          • MontyNostry

            Reminds of the famous comment about knowing Doris Day before she was a virgin.

        • MontyNostry

          I never knew I couldn’t spell, either.

        • Clita del Toro

          Monty, Norma made several “pre-code” movies in which she was a “liberated” woman who felt that she was entitled “sleep around” just as men did. There is one movie where her gown is so sheer you can see what’s beneath it. It is difficult to see on TV, but was apparent in the movie theater ( i have read).

          BTW, in the movie where Norma plays twins, Joan was her stand in in a scene.


          Cammie, it was fun making that movie with you!

  • lenski822

    I’m asking this question seriously and in no way being flippant or making fun: Is Zajick on the autism spectrum? The way she is characterized in interviews, coupled with the way some have described her behavior on here for years, has always caused me to wonder.

    • luvtennis

      Absolutely NOT.

      I have had the pleasure of speaking with her at length. She is incredibly down to earth, forthright, and extremely funny. In fact, I suspect she finds the whole operatic world (and all the wacky personalities and egos) a bit hard to take.

      She had some choice observations about a certain beloved NY-based cult soprano, let me tell you! And they were all of the same theme:
      WHo the hell does she think she is kidding?!?!?!” Loved her.

      • Camille

        “April, Speak in ENGLISH!!!”

        • luvtennis

          Mums my word!

          Hope you are having a wonderful fall day, my dear!

          • Camille

            Busy being a good little wifettina, baking and slaving in the kitchen for
            MY MAN:

            as it is Autumn in New York


          • Camille

            in fact, that song is so wonderful, here it is again with
            ‘The Divine One’:

            (Listen carefully to see if there is any SCOOPING)

      • Bianca Castafiore

        Sounds like AM…

      • armerjacquino

        Erm, it’s possible to be autistic and also ‘down to earth, forthright and extremely funny’. I have no idea whether Zajick is or not, but to use those qualities as ‘proof’ that someone isn’t on the autistic spectrum is a little off.

      • Bosah

        The only NY-based soprano I can think of is Fleming and I’m pretty sure there’s no kidding.

    • MontyNostry

      But lenski’s question was not unreasonable — many people who are extremely focused on being good at what they do (including some artists) are probably just a little bit autistic, though I guess the spontaneous give and take of a ‘live’ theatrical environment would be a little alien to someone with measurable autistic tendencies.

    • phoenix

      in response to Lenska’s specutrum probe above: whatever spectrum Madame Z is on, she has always demonstrated a great deal more common sense than I could ever fathom existed…

  • Sir Ferris

    “What’s the word?”….It could also be that “audacity” is used as a synonym for another, cruder term--which here is masked.

  • Bianca Castafiore

    As with any gossip, we don’t know the whole story about exactly what transpired between these two singers. What would it have set her off to commit assault? Was it a playful whack on the head with the libretto? Was it serious? Did he do something first? We just don’t know. It’s all hearsay right now.

    • Camille

      Speaking as the “Nightingale of Milano”, Bianchina Carissima, what would YOU have done to handle the situation, granted that you had these legitimate concerns with parfums?

      Just curious--
      petite moi

      • Bianca Castafiore

        The only scent problems I have ever encountered in my illustrious career is the fishy smells emanating from dear cara Nervosa, but since I never visit Ajaccio, that’s no longer an issue.

        • Camille

          TY, BC.

          Shoulda known it would be that.

          • Bianca Castafiore

            Cammyushka! I have never ever had any problems with my colleagues… Didn’t you see that in those Hergé books??????

          • Camille

            Aren’t those Tin-Tin things considered to be literature appropriate for small BOYS?

            As I was a small girl, and very long ago—in the last milennium—I was entirely unaware of your exploits.

            What I am most curious about is What Happened in Ajaccio?? Is there even an opera house there? As far as I know there is quite an active one in Cagliari which does a lot of interesting and varied repertory, but Ajaccio I had pegged as a sort of pirate’s haven, perhaps more appropriate for money laudering than the lyric arts….

            Oups…Bach has just now appeared on the radio so I must turn my thoughts heavenward!!


          • Nerva Nelli

            Bianca Castafiore says:

            “I have never ever had any problems with my colleagues… ”

            I’ve read that the only thing Cuzzoni and Faustina ever agreed upon was that if Handel didn’t fire “terza donna” Bianca at one for loose mores and loosening vibrato, they would take ship back to Italy ASAP. Ah, je ris!

  • Quanto Painy Fakor

    Some budding Azucenas warm up with Lucia:

    • Clita del Toro

      She sounds like a budding stink wee on this clip.

  • Clita del Toro


  • Constantine A. Papas

    She should use the key around her neck to lock her mouth.

  • Camille

    Who singeth Othello today?

    Supposing it is Botha.