Cher Public

Uncle Smania

Scoring the Fire and Music contest was tricky, cher public, as the selections were both quite brief and relatively obscure. La Cieca has had occasion to speak quite firmly to DeCaffarrelli about the difficulty of this quiz, and naturally she was told to mind her own business. So, on to said business, which is naming the winner of the coveted Gift Card

With 12 correct answers and the earliest timestamp of the several participants who achieved this dozen mark, the winner is spiderman, to whom congratulations.  The complete and correct list of Elettras is as follows:

  1. Birgit Nilsson
  2. Anna Caterina Antonacci
  3. Anja Harteros
  4. Annette Dasch
  5. Mariella Devia
  6. Carol Vaness
  7. Elisabeth Grummer
  8. Luba Orgonasova
  9. Linda Esther Gray
  10. Edda Moser
  11. Leyla Gencer
  12. Edita Gruberova
  13. Ingeborg Hallstein
  14. Angeles Blancas Gulin
  15. Josephine Barstow
  16. Anna Netrebko