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Scoring the Fire and Music contest was tricky, cher public, as the selections were both quite brief and relatively obscure. La Cieca has had occasion to speak quite firmly to DeCaffarrelli about the difficulty of this quiz, and naturally she was told to mind her own business. So, on to said business, which is naming the winner of the coveted Gift Card

With 12 correct answers and the earliest timestamp of the several participants who achieved this dozen mark, the winner is spiderman, to whom congratulations.  The complete and correct list of Elettras is as follows:

  1. Birgit Nilsson
  2. Anna Caterina Antonacci
  3. Anja Harteros
  4. Annette Dasch
  5. Mariella Devia
  6. Carol Vaness
  7. Elisabeth Grummer
  8. Luba Orgonasova
  9. Linda Esther Gray
  10. Edda Moser
  11. Leyla Gencer
  12. Edita Gruberova
  13. Ingeborg Hallstein
  14. Angeles Blancas Gulin
  15. Josephine Barstow
  16. Anna Netrebko


  • Linda Esther Who?!? Great quiz, DeCaffarrelli.

    • MontyNostry
      • I always learn something new on parterre.

    • Camille

      LEG, kashania most cheri!!! The Legendary LEG!!!!!!!!

      Been trying to track down her T&I for several years now, alas!

      • brian

        ArkivMusic has reissued her recording with Goodall conducting.

        • Camille

          Sending you a huge virtual kiss as I write these words.
          You have made an old woman’s weary heart glad.

          A million thanks for the tip!

      • luvtennis

        I ordered it and someone stole it Camille. Now it costs a fortune to buy!!!!!

        • luvtennis

          Thanks for the heads up?

          I hated her when I first heard the recording. Flagstad, Nilsson and MPrice were my favorite Isoldes at that point. LEG sounded so gusty and vibratoey. I am all growed up now (Modl does that to a man), and am ready to meet her on her own terms….

          Hell, I LOVE Dame GJ’s Elektra! The one from Orange (?) with Anne Evans. Just love it.

          • Camille

            it is on sale at Arkiv, luv, dearie.

            yes, good ol’ Gwynnie is ON in that one!!

            luv to you, 2. Buffy 4 EVAH!

          • luvtennis


            Purchasing it as we speak (as it were).

            Have a wonderful weekend. How lucky you are to be able spend so much time with your own delightful company? I envy you! :-)

      • I have both LEG / Goodall recordings. The studio one on DECCA and in German is lyrical and beautiful, but the better bargain is an English one from the ENO with Remedios (the studio recording had Mitchinson). That’s firepower!

    • peter

      A gorgeous (if a little slow) Dich teure Halle:

      • A very interesting voice. Thanks for sharing, Peter.

        • MontyNostry

          It is an interesting voice. A bit Sondra-ish, maybe? Similar vibrato, wiry athleticism and ability to fine down to virtually nothing. I saw her as both Amelia (Boccanegra) and Isolde in the late 70s.

          • When I first heard it, I didn’t think Sondra but haven’t relistened, I can hear a bit of what you’re talking about. The vibrato isn’t as tightly wound as Sondra’s though similar. And the basic tone has a bit more warmth perhaps.

      • Camille

        Thank you, peter darling.

        Most interesting tempo at the entrance and her choices throughout.

  • Buster

    Ingeborg Hallstein! No idea she sang Elettra -- maybe not to intimidate wallflower Elly Ameling? Great selection DeCaffarrelli!

    CD8009 Mozart Idomeneo 1970 Amsterdam

    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart IDOMENEO

    Idomeneo: Ernst Haefliger Idamante: Sophie van Sante Ilia: Elly Ameling Elettra: Ingeborg Hallstein Arbace: Simon van der Gees Vove: Wim von der Eng Gran Sacerdote: Simon von Trieren

    Nederlands Opera Koor Herenleden van de NCRV Vokal Ensemble Concertgebouw Orkest Conductor: Bernard Haitink

    Amsterdam 2/2/1970 Concert

  • stevey

    WOW! What a great quiz, and my hearty congrats to Spidey!

    Linda Esther Gray, now THERE’S a name I NEVER would have thought of. Camille, I too have fond, fond memories of that Mitchinson/Gray Tristan (with Goodall conducting), I remember seeing it in a Tower Records when in the nineties and it was $109.00- an astronomical price for 19 year old me. But whenever I’d find myself in the Toronto Reference Library I’d venture up to the fifth floor and listen to it on vinyl. Good times…

    For those interested in hearing more from this fine artist, her website has a very generous selection of audio clips that you can listen to. The website is: and here are the clips you can listen to Ms. Gray on her website (much more than a cd’s worth!):

    Dich, Teure Halle -- Tannhauser
    ×Du bist der Lenz -- Die Walkure
    ×Weh mir -- Die Feen
    ×Wie Lachend sie mir lieder singen
    ×Herrn Tristan bringe meinen Gruss
    ×Der balsam nutzt ich, den sie bot
    ×Isolde! Geliebte!
    ×O sink hernieder, Nacht der Liebe
    ×So sturben wir, um ungetrennt
    ×Mild und leise -- all Tristan und Isolde
    ×Tutte nel cor vi sento -- Idomeneo
    ×Idol mio -- Idomeneo
    ×Placido e il mar, andiamo -- Idomeneo
    ×Oh Smanie! Oh Furie! -- Idomeneo
    ×Letter Scene -- Eugene Onegin
    ×Mi chiamano Mimi -- La Boheme
    ×Donde lieta usci al tuo grido d’amore -- La Boheme
    ×Der Engel -- Wesendonk Lieder
    ×Stehe Still! -- Wesendonk Lieder
    ×Im Triebhaus -- Wesendonk Lieder
    ×Schmerzen -- Wesendonk Lieder
    ×Traüme -- Wesendonk Lieder

    Check it out!! :-)

    And Ingeborg Hallstein. I never in a MILLION years… and I thought it was Julia Varady! So much for me and my ‘d’s…
    What I’m surprised is what a SUBSTANTIAL voice it sounds (although, admittedly, this could just be the recording quality). For a larf, I decided to youtube Hallstein (not knowing TOO much about her, with her repertoire not being what is my usual cup of tea) and, I found this one clip in particular- my God, the woman is INSANE here!! Go right to 2:01…

    And Angeles Blancas Gulin- that really surprised me… the voice sounded so light! I heard her Semiramide and can’t believe it’s the same woman. She was Bieito’s Aida as well, and recently. Covent Garden’s Adriana as well…

    Thanks again for another wonderful quiz. Please, keep ’em coming!!

    Regards to all…

    • Camille

      Thank you so much, stevey dear! I am so happy to have this site. The last time I searched her out there was nothing much so all this manna from heaven all of a sudden is cause for rejoicing!

      Very glad to see you out of your shell. Parterre needs you.
      Love from Camille

    • Camille

      An amazing passage to the Land of E in alt in excelsis!!!!

      Probably that very long held note by Ingeborg was my pick but also loved the Sutherland Bel raggio and Nat’s diminuendo in Lakme. What was it that our own belovèd Scoopy sang so excellently? And then there was Lee’s illegal E! The Galvanyzator!


  • spiderman

    cool! I have NEVER EVER won anything in my life so far! yiiihaaa!

  • Feldmarschallin

    well congratulations for your prize to a really hard quiz. With those 3 I was way off.

  • Camille

    Now I am glad I did not leave word, ostensibly to help give some clues, that there exists a recording of this aria by Sylvia Sass. I didn’t hear her but that didn’t mean she was not included. Strange that Sutherland didn’t show up. And I must say that Gruby was really on one of her grubbiest days here! Try as I could, I could not manage to suss out the Vaness, either.

    Except for glottals of LGencer, it basically all sounded like Edda Moser on a PMS attack.