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Even if no one guessed the correct opera on our most recent Regie quiz, Our Own Batty Masetto did the next best or perhaps even better thing by devising the silliest scenario. And it’s not like it was easy, either, since the work in question was Auber’s Le Cheval de bronze, as directed by Frank Hilbrich for the Komische Oper. We remain (apparently) in the exotic East for our next quiz, after the jump.

  • Boris Sarastro

    Its clearly snippets from the whole Ring.

    1 -- Brunny and her sisters

    2 -- Siggy kills Fafner

    3 -- Gunther, Gutrune and Hagen, with their pet dog

  • Don_Dano

    Bizet’s Carmen:

    (1) Carmen uses tea leaves to tell her fate.
    (2) Escamillo arrives at Lillas Pastia’s inn.
    (3) It being an election year, the mayor does some campaigning before the bullfight.

  • DharmaBray

    Pretty sure I know what this one is so I will go for the silliest prize. It’s the Sydney Opera on the Harbour Madama Butterfly scheduled for 2014.

    1. The arrival of Cio Cio, who in this version is the jammer in the Nagasaki Roller Derby league, with her team the Black Butterflies.

    2. Pinkerton and Sharpless (who played for the Chicago bears in college and can’t let it go) against the Sydney harbour skyline -- ca 1930 so the bridge is still being built and there’s no opera house hence the opera is on a floating stage

    3. So obvious to say the Bonze but it’s actually the kid with Pinkerton and Kate and a final tableau depicting the model American family Cio Cio so wanted.

  • adina

    I had the same guess as Cocky, but with different scenes. 1) Queen of the Night 2) Tamino 3) Tamino, Pamina, and Sarastro. So, I will have to guess again.
    I Puritani 1)Elvira 2) Arturo 3) Last scene -- Elvira, Arturo, and Giorgio.

  • Batty Masetto

    OK, now that I have a reputation to live down to:

    It’s Manon:
    1. Poussette, Javotte, Rosette, and their sisters Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail warn Manon to keep off their territory or they’ll turn her hairdo into a TV antenna.
    2. Manon (R) terrorizes the Cours-la-Reine. Des Grieux (L) is about to subdue her with his massive … his massive … … his massive snicker-snee.
    3. Summoned by M. Croche, the Ghost of Benjamin Harrison unites the lovers in holy matrimony. The Ghost of Rin-Tin-Tin is the witness.

    • oedipe


      The problem with being number ONE is that you cannot get ANY BETTER.

  • Liz.S

    I’m not sure if this goes to the right place… trying to respond to BP re: JF’s encore…
    I was there. Oh, it was such a treat :-)
    The audience today was pretty enthusiastic and with that prolonged applause I was expecting he would somehow respond -- smile or a bow or both.
    I’m not sure if it was planned -- it looked spontaneous to me by the way JF was nodding to maestro -- he’s OK with it if maestro’s OK and ready. Whether it was planned or not, it did’t really matter much to majority of us at that point.
    All those laughs and more applause after the encore was… -- he picked up his luggage and his jacket to continue on -- he was apparently looking at Ms Damrau who was standing by off stage -- I suspect she signaled him “it’s OK, this doesn’t happen too often, enjoy it!” (it was subtle but he appeared he was nodding “alright”) so he dropped his stuff, walked towards the audience and bowed. That was repeated twice -- until JF spoke to the audience “Ms Damrau’s waiting” with a lovely smile.
    Ms DD and JF were just perfectly pleasant and lovely all throughout. That was a nice good-bye to this production with many happy memories, too!

    • Camille

      Thanks very much for your eyewitness report, Liz.

      Yes, it was very sweet.

    • Nerva Nelli

      Fine, whatever, everyone loved it. (I am sure had I praised it having been done, Armer would have objected to all encores, but whatever.)

      But can anyone doubt — given that JDF did different variants and cadenzas that needed different tempi-- that this was a scrupulously rehearsed thing?? Plus, how did it happen that the man who shouted “Encore” happened to be right near an open mic-- has anyone EVER heard such an audience remark, even the notorious “Brava Maria Callas!” at the Scotto LUISA MILLER telecast, so clearly over the airways??? Come on-- he was a company plant, and the whole thing was planned. Good fun.

      But there will be a press release sent to The Great Daniel J Wakin, Demotic Joe and others such about this unprecedented “surprise”…- and the TIMES will run it.

      P.S. Sorry to report: Santa’s reindeer and elves don’t exist either.

      -Nerva Acerba

      • armerjacquino

        Eh? Where on earth do I fit in with this? I said I think encores are theatrical in another part of the thread because, guess what, I think encores are theatrical. I’m not sure what that has to do with you, or what Liz’s post has to do with me, unless there’s some rather odd solipsism going on.

      • Liz.S

        NN seem to be a hard to please person. ;-)

        Regarding Maestro Renzetti, if you notice, he is a person who are extremly good in putting the singers first -- he even sacrifices the colour of the orchestra for that (Met orch should explore more to find the right colour to sound more lively when played slower and in piano, in my opinion.) This is not the only occasion he controlled the tempo slower dynamically to accommodate the singers today. I found him dull when I was listening on the radio in earlier performances but when you have great singers, it makes sense to conduct this way, I guess.

        I’m curious -- I don’t know if it was a same guy but there was another loud shout of “bravo” from the same direction when it became apparent JDF was about to sing again. It was a bit awkward so it made JDF roll his eyes ;-) Was it heard on the radio, too?

        AJ -- hmmm I was not thinking about you… sorry if I sounded that way…

      • Camille

        Sublime Nerva, you are always correct. and that is why I revere you so,
        mah! ABBI PIETA, as we are living in the Tin Age of Can Belto.

      • DonCarloFanatic

        Nerva, I wondered, listening to how slow the tempo was for the encore, if JDF hadn’t pushed his luck. It did sound to me that he changed some of the notes so he didn’t embarrass himself and crack. Which is a good reason not to do this kind of encore.

        I would love to know more, if we can learn more, about how spontaneous this event was.

    • Quanto Painy Fakor

      What a cheap attempt to go down in the record books. The idea of hearing Florez sing Una furtiva lagrima once is boring enough

      • Liz.S

        I’m so sorry if my writing made the whole thing look cheap and brassy -- I really don’t care what people think and say about what we enjoyed this afternoon otherwise ;-)

        • brooklynpunk

          Thanks for the live report, Liz S…. it must have ben a blast in the House..!!

          .. regardless of what one’s opinions of Florez might be ( and mine are somewhat border-line negative, a lot of the time) it seems the HEIGHT of MEAN-SPIRITNESS -- to say the least- to rain on this parade….!

      • One of the reasons I prefer Brownlee in many of these roles is that he doesn’t insist that everything be so SLOW!

  • Finally, it’s really The Mikado.

    1. The Moon And I
    2. Katisha in the guise of a Japanese horror movie monster.
    3. The Mikado himself

  • sm

    It’s Haydn’s Orlando Paladino…

    • I am guessing that this isn’t a guess.

  • m. croche

    Just in time for April Fool’s Day, the High Holiday for inverts everywhere, comes this Spaghetti-Eastern Fanciulla del West!

    1. Mini lectures the miners (emasculated by pre-Linsanity cultural stereotypes of Asian men) about the subtleties of Zen.

    2. Ran-Ze Dayu (Rance the Bailiff) interrogates the bandit Kasuturo, who draws the men away from Mini’s tea house.

    3. Dikku Josonu gives Biri Jakurabite and his girlfriend Wowuke (members of the Ainu minority) a paternalistic hug before greeting Geisha Mini.

  • Off topic, I’m trying to listen to Macbeth with Michael and Hampson. Nadja is just atrocious. Some of the worst singing I’ve ever heard at a major house.

    • Camille

      Don’t listen to NADA, Sanford! Listen to this instead:

      The wonderful Anna Moffo singing an aria from “Le Portrait de Manon”, Massenet’s little heard sequel, recorded by Miss Moffo in her heyday… it just popped into mind last night so I went looking for it and retrieved this, coupled with, of all the strange unions, “Must the winter come so soon”!

      NADA will rust your ears out!

  • brunettino

    This is Donizetti’s “Imelda de’ Lambertazzi” — because it is.

    1] Imelda and her friends.

    2] Bonifacio tries to see Imelda. Not so much!

    3] Imelda’s father, Orlando Lambertazzi, holding forth, with il Cane Lambertazziano in the background.

  • Yes, Moffo cured me of Nadja

  • Hoffmann

    I was going to say Die Frau ohne Schatten or Parsifal, both of which I was beaten to… I just hope it was recorded, what ever this is it looks like so much fun…

  • Sir Ferris

    I know we just had Rusalka, a Regie or two ago….but could it be?

  • floridante2k

    I am thinking Die Zauberflote..
    !) Pamina
    2) Tamino trying to slay the dragon or whatever
    3) Papagano and Papagana

  • brunettino

    Or it could be Elektra.

    1-Elektra and the maids in the courtyard.

    2-Elektra in her crazed fury has turned into Godzilla, and that is Orest coming home who is being recognized by her: insert Godzilla noise here.

    3-Orest in his final ritual murder costume before he goes in and does the murderous deeds