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The blind leading the blind

Those of you who feel like an idiot for missing the previous blind item (about how the Met has managed to wriggle out of a contract and say “good day!” to a disastrous co-production) should now spring to attention and clear your minds for a clue about the identity of the director scheduled for his Met debut. Your hint: the gentleman in question is not pictured above, but, in another sense, he is.

  • OT- Is anyone else having problems with the RSS feed updating? The Varis RIP is the last one I saw..and I’ve deleted and subscribed again…same issue.

    • scargo

      I’ve also had no RSS feed updates for a while. Tonight was the first in a long time. Has the site changed something??

  • A. Poggia Turra

    OK -- here goes:

    1) Missing from the picture is Pauly D

    2) The characters are from Jersey Shore

    Therefore, the Met’s replacement director is -- Pauly Shore!


  • fartnose mcgoo

    The only social misfit missing from this photo is Oskar Eustis. That’s my guess, not my hope.

    Maybe Diane Paulus can offer some input on making Rigoletto more of a comedy. For an opera about a court jester, it’s not very funny.

      • Famous Quickly

        I am a more important artist than Danny Kaye and more beloved on the Ringstrasse and on La Giudecca as well.

        Cieca--MY role was Laura, of course, I sang it opposite the likes of Milanov, Tucker and Warren-- you should imbed more videos of ME.

    • derschatzgabber

      Fartnose, that was a delightful cross reference to another discussion. Thanks for the smile.

  • All-Knowing Seashell

    Michael Mayer, who directed “Spring Awakening.” Can this possibly be a good idea, or will this yield results on a par with the Sher “Ory,” Zimmermann “Armida,” and Doyle “Peter Grimes?”

    • musesick man

      Mayer has had meetings with Peter Gelb during this past season

  • Camille

    YO--Youse Guyz!

    It’s gonna start in five month’ minutes AND 2 nite SNOOKI plows into a Fiorentino polizia car--be there!!!

    P.S. — guess what? “Mike’s a douchebag”

    • Camille

      Bleedin BlackBerry!! It’s 5 MORE minutes--NO--it’s now!

      “YO! PAULY! Deena likes you!”

  • Camille

    “God! Everything is in a different language. You’re like reading and it’s all in a different language”. — Deena

    “I’m so proud of myself, for not falling last night” — Deena

    Yeah, homegurl, I do know those feelins’.

  • Camille

    “She loves hot sausage, she loves hot sausage”--about Snooki in a pizzeria

    “She made the first pizza, and it looked pretty good, and if I mean Snooki can do it we can do it” — Ron

    “What is this — a grinder? Making coffee in Italy is like making coffee in the sixteen hundreds” — JWoww

    • ianw2

      Is it too much to ask that the Jersey Shore liveblog take place in the Intermission Feature?

      • Camille

        Yo dude!
        Snooki’s picture is here--she’s not an intermission feature but the main event!

  • Camille

    Damn--I thought Snooki was going to bash in the car this week. Just more gym, tan, laundry+disco but minus the tan.

    And who ever heard of going to Firenze to learn how to make pizza, eh?

    Till next week --Ciao Ragazzi.

  • Vox

    How much longer will Snooki wander around Florence before she finds the Vatican and sees the Leonardo DaVinci ceiling? Any chance the gang will visit the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino? I can’t wait to hear “Figaro, Figaro, Figaro” sung drunken in the streets!

    • Dawn Fatale

      The girl on Jersey Shore who showed up with her stuff in the Eurotrash-bags in the first episode is directing?

      • No, actually she designed the costumes for Attila.

        • A. Poggia Turra

          But she ended up quitting in disgust when she learned that Muti wouldn’t allow the singers to wear ornamentation on their costumes! :D

          • MontyNostry

            Is ornamentation on costumes any more dubious than jet-black hair on a man of 70?

          • oedipe

            Is ornamentation on costumes any more dubious than jet-black hair on a man of 70?

            Dubious wit?

          • MontyNostry

            If Muti really did veto decoration on the costumes, it was another example of his positioning himself as the ultimate and unquestionable authority on things artistic (and especially Verdian), so I thought a bit of dubious wit was required! It’s always seemed to me that there are plenty of better and bigger-hearted Verdi conductors out there, admittedly with less impressive hair, though.

          • CarlottaBorromeo

            Monty -- I wouldn’t ever suggest Muti was the ne plus ultra of Verdi conductors but “plenty of better” ones? I really wish there were…

  • manou

    Once again the poor Europeans are being denied the cultural delights of “Jersey Shore”. We weep and gnash our teeth in frustration.

    • Cocky Kurwenal

      But Manou, we have Geordie Shore with which to console ourselves, not to mention The Only Way is Essex.

      • manou

        What is Geordie Shore? I have heard of the Essex lot (also Chelsea, n’est ce pas), but not that one. Does it have English subtitles?

        • manou

          OK -- as someone advised in another thread, I “did a little digging” and have now found out everything I always wanted to know about Geordie Shore (but was not afraid to ask).

          I would like to apologise to all Americans for my earlier snooty comment as we are obviously slavishly copying all your TV output and turning out ever more “reality” shows.

          Also thank you for widening my education and improving my street cred.

    • oedipe

      This reminds me of a cartoon I once saw in the International Herald Tribune:
      A couple of American tourists are people-watching in some European city and the woman exclaims with delight (I am paraphrasing):
      “We are among Euros!”

  • Gualtier M

    Hmm… “Jersey Boys” Des McAnuff or “Shirtless” meaning that Nathan Gunn is changing careers and becoming a stage director.

  • Gualtier M

    Are any of you with me in that you think you would like to have sex with Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino but feel ashamed as in “I won’t respect myself in the morning” about it?

    • whatever

      only from the neck down …

      … unless it’s his mind that you’re attracted to?