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You will, David, you will

La Cieca hears that parterre fave David Daniels will get all eponymous and stuff for a world premiere opera entitled Oscar, based on the life of Oscar Wilde, for Santa Fe Opera in 2013, with Opera Company of Philadelphia to follow.  The work is to boast music by Theodore Morrison and a libretto and stage direction by John Cox.

  • operagirl40

    What an awful idea!

    • atalaya

      What’s awful about the idea?

      • ianw2

        The title could use some work, but yay for Teddy Daniels! And yay for my two absolute favourite companies in the country being committed to new work!

        • CruzSF

          Right. Even Wilde is a better title.

          • ianw2

            I’d never even heard of Theodore Morrison, I confess. I’m vaguely curious how he landed such a major commission- doesn’t even exist on wikipedia, hahaha! And there only seems to be one clip on youtube.

            Makes me think of Britten. He appears to be quite a choral bigwig on further digging.

          • papopera

            The Reading Gaol is even better.

    • lrhonn

      Indeed this is a awful idea. Mr. Daniel’s voice now is shrinking in size and it has become toneless--all breath. He still has a fine stage presence but when you add voice to that, it adds up to less than successful.


      • wasww

        Well, that’s just wrong. Yes, being that singing is about breath, it is all breath. However, I’ve been hearing the most amazing singing out of him in the last 2 productions I’ve seen in him. Such a bitter and uneducated comment. Yikes.

      • CG

        I guess LRhonn was not at Mr. Daniels’ Carnegie concert or performances as Orfeo at the Met this spring. His voice easily filled those huge halls with unforced, glorious sound.

  • CruzSF

    At last!

  • honorary virgin
  • hagenschmagen

    according to

    “Daniels also continues to record, having recently released an excellent CD of Bach arias and cantatas. Additionally, Daniels has something in the works that will be of great interest to LGBT audiences. “I have an exciting project happening in the summer of 2013—a new opera being written for me entitled Oscar.”

    This work, based on the trial and imprisonment of Irish writer and aesthete Oscar Wilde, is being composed by Theodore Morrison, of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Morrison, the Director of Graduate Studies in Conducting at the University of Michigan, has written for Daniels before, composing Chamber Music, a cycle of songs set to poems by James Joyce.

    “Morrison was my choral professor at the University of Michigan,” Daniels says. “We put together a demo tape of pieces and sent it to several opera companies, one of which decided to commission the work.””

  • Clita del Toro

    OT: Macbeth

    Don’t especially like Lucic or the Lady Macbeth. And Muti is making the opera sound like Traviata???

  • Camille

    Yes, but, after having seen Stephen Fry do the part so well in the movie “Wilde”, it’s really difficult for me to ‘hear’ Oscar in any voice other than baritone.

    I do hope it is a good work as I am so fond of Wilde’s writing. Once, about ten years, I saw his grandson, Mr. Holland--I believe it is, give a talk about his new book on his grandfather, at NYPL. It was a very moving experience to hear him speak of the great Wilde.

    • tannengrin

      I thought exactly the same!

      Let’s hope, then, that they will recruit Bosie from the current list of barihunks! Although, he would be the quintessential tenor character, to me. Is Bostridge available?

      • Nerva Nelli

        Bostridge is too old, too tall and too ugly for Bosie.

        Call Nicky Spence!

        • Loge

          I believe Bosie is going to be a dancer. But William Burden is also involved in the project.

  • iknowthings

    I thought that this was a gossip site? We can ALL “hear” things that are on formal press releases (of which La Cieca forgot to mention the rest…the Weir opera, the new Higdon Cold Mountain, etc).

    • armerjacquino

      Santa Fe Opera are notoriously slapdash about sending me their press releases. Some years I don’t even get one!

    • ianw2

      Aren’t you clever, iknowthings.

      About time Higdon did an opera, and Miss Fortune seems to have been a success at Bregenz.

      Were I composing opera, I would crawl over broken glass for a Santa Fe commission.

      • mrmyster

        Good to hear, Ian, but would you translate it as ‘Miss Fortune’ with
        all the punning possibilities or maybe make Sfortuna (the title of
        the story), into something more attractive such as, ‘Lady Fortune?’
        Just a thought.

    • mrmyster

      Anyone who wishes can go to and
      there you will find full details and the press release as
      Do a little digging; it’s not at all hard!

      • armerjacquino

        Living, as I do, several thousand miles from Santa Fe, their season is not at the top of my google list. Nonetheless, I am grateful to find out via a site like this one when they are doing something as interesting-sounding as this. Is that so terribly hard to understand?

        I’m not sure why the sharing of information should be the trigger for pissing and moaning.

        • I’m not sure why the sharing of information should be the trigger for pissing and moaning.

          As Frank Sinatra says to Bing Crosby: you must be one of the newer fellows.

        • It’s not at the top of my Google list either, and I live a mere 510 miles from Santa Fe and spend a week there every summer. Thanks Parterre.

          • mrmyster

            Lou, as you know I live in SFE but do not always attend all the operas; I surely could have done without the painfully boring Griselda and the
            very empty Last Savage, and I am doing without La boheme — but Faust (just to hear the score again) and Wozzeck, for every reason, were worth the four-mile drive :) Next summer I shall trouble myself to hear Maometto II and King Roger; that’s it. The more interesting, summer diversion for us old timers, is the Chamber Music Festival, which is thriving. The Debussy/Schumann piano recital by Joyce Yang is one I shall always remember; she is a very major talent, of the order of Guiomar Novaes; I heard her Tuesday and she still owns my imagination. I cannot say that about the opera. Alas, after many years of resisting change, SFO is slowly limping into post-modern deconstructionism (much favoring “set in the time of composition”), which can certainly take the luster off treasured masterworks. The wings of change are disturbing our mountain breezes. I’ll say no more.

          • Camille

            louann and monsieur myster, please…

            I just learned of this organization a few days ago; the Church of Beethoven, in Albuuerque.

            Their website is, for your information.


          • Krunoslav

            Ana Maria Martinez’s Mimi is the best performance of the SF season!

          • @Mr. Just so you know I was BORN and RAISED in New Mexico and have been attending the SFEO since the old days. I much loved the Faust this year for the dazzling camp piece that it was, won’t comment no more on Griselda (well, maybe, just one- “WTF?”), and, I agree that AMM was by far and away the best thing about the Boheme, with a nod to the Curran production, which was intelligent in the traditional sense. :)

  • manou

    Le show du jour.

    • Camille

      Brava, madame!

    • No Expert

      They just better not cut the ballet

      • Camille

        No tutu, no gogo.

    • mrmyster

      Kruno: No argument from me on Ms. Ana Maria Martinez’s singing; I find her one of the best around. Her Donna Elvira at SFE was unforgettable.

      She’s the performer who slid off the stage at Glyndebourne into the orchestra
      pit and landed on a priceless cello. But now I hear she married an Englishman
      and lives in Sussex! Must have been a serious fall! :)

      • ianw2

        I’m pretty sure she lives in Houston…? And that she’s married to Chad Shelton…?

        She did a great Butterfly in DC. I’ve always thought she’s pretty fab.

        • Nerva Nelli

          Well, it was a good story, no?

          A few more mai tais and he’ll be telling us (yet again) how **incredibly** old Pat Racette is and how dear old Eleanor crashed through the TOSCA scenery…

      • ianw2

        I suppose, to quote another Paterriani, that you should Do a little digging; it’s not at all hard!

  • A. Poggia Turra

    Off-Topic reminder: The live webstream of the opening opera of the Rossini Opera Festival, ADELAIDE DI BORGOGNA, has begun:

    (Click on “Ascolta” to listen)

    • Alto

      Did La Cieca create the off-topic thread in vain?

    • atalaya

      Thx for posting. Listening now.

    • (Click on “Ascolta” to listen)

      I feel like Alisa in some postmodern Lucia reboot.

      • Nerva Nelli

        Well, you do bear a certain resemblance to Thelma Votipka…

        • Camille

          The best two lines of the day.

  • phillyoperalover

    maybe there will be a gay scene ;)

  • Nerva Nelli

    Actually, *this* is the role David will be playing in OSCAR:

    • La Cieca has in fact managed to put her hands on a brief snippet of this opera, featuring David’s showpiece aria.

      • calaf47

        What an INSULT to Ms Roberta Peters!! (even in German)!!

  • Joe Conda

    During my Peabody student days, Morrison was head of the choral department and gave me two of the most enriching musical experiences of my life -- singing Purcell’s Aeneas and solos in Britten’s Cantata Misericordium. He is a brilliant musician and great intellect. I never knew he was a composer and wish him a great success.

  • Buster

    If this is a hit they could perhaps revive Dorian Gray, which had Philip Langridge in it, and Roberta Alexander as Sybil Vane.

    With this title post I could not resist, sorry:

  • WindyCityOperaman

    • WindyCityOperaman

      Saw this when it first came out . . . think its worth another look . . .

      • oops, I meant the video before the last one. :)

  • Quanto Painy Fakor

    Daniels is a fine musician, but who knew that Oscar Wilde sounds like a fairy?!!!

  • zinka

    The reason (well,one of them) that I am a mess today is when I was 8 my ma took me “innocently” to see “The Picture of Dorian Gray” and I got so scared..(The picture was in COLOR in a B/W film)…I had nightmares even worse than when I dreamt of making love to Kurt Baum…..
    Will they show a scene from the scary novel in the opera??If so, who will play the portrait….Is Albert Innaurato available????

  • zinka

    Looking at Parterre ad..and not wanting to help La Cieca lose money….Zinka, my all-time fav.singer hits high notes like Vassilka Petrova…I was THERE!! Sony is so stupid…..