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E tu nol sai?

A mysterious lady in the shadows of Castellor! Who might she be?

Can you identify this Leonora?

D’amor sull’ali rosee


  • 21
    Bluessweet says:

    Artimis to keep it all even.

  • 22
    fartnose mcgoo says:

    My first instinct is Poplavskaya. The problem is that she sounds too healthy for it to be her.

  • 23
    beauj1 says:

    I knew is was lovely Anja from the first few notes. I’ve been waiting two days for news of this role debut. Thanks Cieca!

    • 23.1
      GottlobHotter says:

      While the Mavens seem to have satisfactorily settled who it is that’s singing, I’d like ID the headless Leonora as soprano Eilana Lappalainen, flanked by baritone Nmon Ford (Luna) and tenor Gustavo López Manzitti (Manrico)

  • 24
    CwbyLA says:

    am I the only one who listened to this sound clip 5 times already? ;-)

  • 25
    Iphigénie says:

    Off-topic: the Met future page has just been updated and Luc Bondy will be the director of the new 2012-13 Rigoletto.
    In 2014-15, paired with a NP of Bartok’s Bluebeard castle (with Borodina & Abrazakov), Iolanta will premiere in the Baden-Baden production (no casting announced yet but I think that averyone know who will performed in it).
    Finally, in 2012-13, there will be a revival of Clemenza with Frittoli & Garanca.

  • 26
    scifisci says:

    “né timor di me ti prenda…
    Salvarlo io potrò forse.”

    something about the way she sings the words “preda….salvarlo” reminds me so much of leontyne price, my favorite leonora.

  • 27
    florezrocks says:

    On another note, Rene Pape is my hero.

  • 28
    Ruxton says:

    Nothing wrong with that- really great singing.