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Your funny valentine

Butterfly_ciecaFaithful reader Sadie Salome writes, “Don’t know if you saw last night’s marketing email from the Met promoting their Valentine’s Day e-card website: “This Valentine’s day fall in love at the Met Opera.” Well, I did not like their schmaltzy selection of cards, so I made some of my own from my favorite romantic opera moments.”


La Cieca challenges the cher public to create their own operatically-themed Valentine’s Day cards, the more offbeat or macabre the better. You can either post a link to your designed card in the comments section or, if that’s a bit complicated for you, simply email your finished card to (If you’re emailing your card, please remind La Cieca of your parterre screen name in the body of the email!)

The finest Valentine’s sentiment received by midnight, February 13 will be prominently featured on and the designer will receive a grab-bag of recent operatic releases.

  • MontyNostry

    I can’t manage to mock-up a card, but how about one of these two moments:
    -- Golaud pulling Mélisande around by the hair.
    -- Bluebeard locking away Judith with his other ex-wives.
    They will prove that the spirit of romance isn’t dead.

  • MontyNostry

    Even better: the moment where Gemma di Vergy is delivered the still-warm heart of her lover. The true spirit of Valentine’s Day!

  • Camille

    ‘Und das Geheimniss der Liebe ist groesser als das Geheimniss der Tode…’

    I don’t mock love; it is too precious and far too rare. I hope someone out there is brave enough to do so. Have to admit that the Jenufa card is pretty hysterical.

    Happy Valentine’s Day to all Parterriani.

    • Camille

      Sorry, Signor Arcicorretto and Herr Ueberrichtig, it should have been “deS TodeS”. Who could forget the awful hissing moat everyone does on the final G flat of TodeSSSSSS to fake that note--but me.

      • Batty Masetto

        Not to mention the awful hissing moat that gapes when certain singers get mentioned around here.

        A big funny valentine to you, ma douce Camille.

        • Camille

          Thank you, Batty, for you are very kind and courtly, too, and it is well appreciated by me.

          And may you have a big beautiful gateau on Valentine Day, filled with health, hope, and happiness and the petals over Petaluma.

  • regifida

    Don’t have a “still” but the lesson scene from the Met’s Barber with JDD and JDF is the most romantic thing I’ve seen in opera. They convey a longing that is just so romantic, particularly in the obvious comic madness.

  • Eduige

    Just saying that the new Met season will be announced next week and that there will be “an exciting announcement” according to facebook.

  • Krunoslav

    How about Katerina Ismailova’s “Kiss me so that the icons fall from their shelves”?

  • verliebtenmadeleine
    • Henry Holland

      Thanks for the links. What a great libretto Lulu has.

  • Lucky Pierre

    OT: la matos ‘mild und leise’

    nothing to watch here but enjoy the singing

    • This was taken during the dress rehearsal in Oviedo.

      • Lucky Pierre

        are you berganzita, paulo?

        • Ahahahahahahh. No, but I know who she is.

  • I gave it a shot. Sorry for the crappy design, I only had Word and Preview, no Photoshop.

    Will try to come up with something more creative later.

    • MontyNostry

      Susan Graham looks disturbingly like Roberto Alagna in that shot.

  • Sadie Salome

    @verliebtenmadeleine Yes, must admit that was part of my inspiration.

    @Unfaithful Zerbinetta Your Rosenkav card could have come straight from Hilarious.

    May I throw three more of my own onto the pyre?

    • I love the Wozzeck, Sadie.

      Does anyone know what the sans serif font on the original cards is? I used regular Helvetica, but it’s not quite the same. I know the serif is some variety of Baskerville; mine isn’t the same one but it’s close. (I enjoy this kind of thing but don’t really know anything about it.)

      • Sadie Salome


        As for the fonts — good eye! — it’s Baskerville and Avenir. (I was lazy and used Times New Roman and Helvetica.)

        • Thanks! I actually have Avenir, so I guess I’m just going to have to come up with some more. :) At least we both avoided Arial. That’s the devil’s font.

        • Where are you finding source images? All I can find are stills and publicity shots from this season…

          LOVE the Walkure :D

          • Sadie Salome

            @Unfaithful Yeah, Arial sucks, but Helvetica has a documentary and a t-shirt.

            @Salomonda Thanks! I used Google image search (

          • Sadie Salome

            Don’t know where my previous comment went (should I not have written such nasty things about Arial)? Trying again to say that I used Google Image Search (

          • Sadie Salome

            Thanks, Salomanda! Try Google Image Search —

    • jfmurray3

      I love the Voigt/Domingo Walkure card! Perfect. It’s the first crazy caption I thought of for this contest.

      I’d add something from Fidelio.

      “Mein Weib, mein Weib an meiner Brust!” or

      “Wer einen holdes Weib errungen,
      stimm’ in unsern Jubel ein.
      Nie wird es zu hoch besungen,
      Retterin des Gatten sein.”

      (He who has won such a wife
      May join in our rejoicing.
      Never shall be sung too much
      The savior of her husband.)

      With a nice picture of Karita and Ben.

      And, of course, a good picture of Siegfried and Brunnhilde:
      “Das ist kein Mann!”

  • Not EXACTLY a valentine…but it’s about how v-day usually happens in my house. The line always cracks me up, though it shouldn’t.

    • Billys Butt

      Sorry, but I don’t get it. What’s funny about that line??? (and by the way, it’s “erduldet”, not “erdultet”)

      • J. G. Pastorkyna

        It’s very funny. Florestan is asking “So, what am I getting for Valentine? Dinner out? Chocolates?…?” And Leonore has forgotten all about it.

        • Billys Butt

          Actually “Was hast du meinetwegen erduldet” means “What have you suffered for my sake”. Whatever.

          • There’s no arguing with pedantry I suppose.

      • 1. See below.

        2. That’s what I get for trying to remember the text at work.

        • err that should be “see above” I guess.

    • Lucky Pierre

      that’s hildy, rihgt? who’s the dude?

      • Nerva Nelli

        Is it Robert Schunk?

  • La Cieca should mention that those of you who don’t have image editing software may want to try pixlr which is an online image editor that works in your browser window. From pixlr you can save images to your hard drive or to Picasa, Flickr, Facebook and other image-sharing sites.

    • Lucky Pierre

      i recommend irfanview, which is great, simple and free.

  • ipomoea

    These are great! If I had the time, I try a few.
    The images at MET archive are easy to search and copy. I’d try there

  • The WARE

    I hope this works because this was a pain to create.

    • The WARE

      Failure, yet again.

  • I sent my submisssion to our Doyenne to upload but discovered I had a Flikr account. Let’s see if this works. This one is for Gelb to use as he tries to expand the audience base for the Met and tries to attract the “Redneck” audience:

    • Lucky Pierre

      that is quite mean…

    • Lucky Pierre

      kashy, you should use

      • Thanks, Pierre.

        Let’s try this. I’m hoping our doyenne can embed the image in this thread.


  • Lucky Pierre

    totally OT but just saw this on the nytimes website. a review appears of spiderman, and the summary says:

    This show is not only the most expensive musical ever to hit Broadway, but it may also rank among the worst.


  • Two cards from SF Guy, “specially designed for those who are between romantic entanglements, still in a mood to send cards, and don’t want to give their best friends the wrong idea.”



    • SF Guy

      Actually, conceived as the front and inside of a single card, but it’s hard to do fold-outs on a computer screen.

      A special Valentine’s Greeting to “ipomoea,” without whose suggestion to check the Met Archives this card (for better or worse) could not have been made.

  • Trying to tie together Regie Opera and Rock. I had too much fun making these. Greetings from Brussels, ya’ll.