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Harmony of contrasts

SPIDERMAN-MUSICALLa Cieca wonders if the horrific accident during last night’s performance of the Spider-Man musical (which promises to re-open Wednesday night with “additional safety protocols“) reminds you of, well, anything familiar? 

  • well, the damned video is not working for me.Not here, not at the post. any ideas why?

  • A. Poggia Turra

    I witnessed two falls into the orchestra pit. In either 1988 or 1989 at SUNY Purchase during the Sellars Nozze, as Frank Kelley was singing Basilio’s “Donkey Skin” aria, he crossed over the front edge of the stage. The wood platform gave way (Kelley is a rather slender fellow), and fell directly into the percussion section. Sellars, who had been watching the performance from the rear, rushed right past my aisle seat to the pit. After a five minute break, Sellars announced from the stage that Kelley and the musicians were all right, and that Kelley would complete the aria and the performance, which he did with aplomb.

    The second incident was in Pesaro in 1994 during Dario Fo’s production of L’Italiana. Fo always had busy sets with lots of extras and lots of movement. In this case, two supers wore costumes shaped like minarets during one of Mustafa’s opening numbers. One of the supers lost his balance, staggered forward and dropped right into the Teatro Rossini pit. The conductor, David Robertson, stopped the performance, yelling out “venti minuti di pausa”. The performance resumed at the 20 minute mark, preceded by a short announcement that the no one had been hurt. Ironically, Robertson had been the conductor at that ill-fated Met ‘V?c Makropulos’.

  • Lucky Pierre

    conming late to the party, as usual, but at NYCO in the 90’s, i saw a turandot with audrey stottler (whatever happened to her?), and one of the spear carriers — a middle aged man — grabbed his chest in mid-performance, collapsed, and was taken off stage. i’m sure that was not part of the script…although most people didn’t even noticed it. i hope he was ok.