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The law of diminishing divas

anita_arrivesLa Cieca invites the cher public to act as blue-ribbon panel in selecting the singers to be included in the “Greatest Diva” study.  Voting after the jump. 

So here’s how it works. After much consideration, La Cieca came to the conclusion that what we really need here are two divisions: “classic” divas who continued to sing past 1980 but are now no longer on the boards; and “current” divas who are still (more or less) active.  A few artists seemed to straddle the categories, but your doyenne applied her usual Solomon-like judgment to ensure proper bifurcation.

Following are two polls. You may vote for up to ten (10) divas in each poll. The ten divas in each division with the highest number of popular votes will be submitted to the “Greatest Diva” study.

Okay, so here we go.

The polls will remain open through midnight on Wednesday, September 15.

  • oedipe

    While the heat is reaching almost unbearably high levels on this thread, the Met concert of divo Bocelli is quietly and quickly selling out, most likely to people who will never experience “des états d’âme” about diva competitions.

  • mrmyster

    Magda Olivero. A genuine diva, and still
    alive, whose career went on and on along with
    Dorothy Kirsten.
    But Olivero should head every list of true Divas!!

    • dame ernestine sherman tank

      Two Worthy Divas!

  • Melot's Younger Brother

    Where is Vishnevskaya?

  • Meimei

    Where’s La Sills?!?

    • She retired in 1980.

    • dame ernestine sherman tank

      Retired or whatever. Beverly did more for opera in this country than anyone else. Like her or not, she was a great spokesperson for the Art.

  • I must have been in California the iscussion of uncut dick.

    Spotted in Beverly Hills: Fabio was at the restaurant we ate at one night (Xi’an)… he is still gorgeous.

    And in First Class on my flight back…. Giada Di Lorentiis.

    • CwbyLA

      who is Fabio, Sanford?

        • The body’s still ok but the head still looks like a half sucked mango.

      • richard

        Obviously you didn’t read a lot of bodice rippers back in the 1980s!

        Seriously, he was the model of choice for the colorful covers on those popular romance novels of 25 years ago.

      • mrmyster

        No! Sanford is a MUCH better singer!
        A virtual divo!

  • mrmyster

    CwbyLA: Clarification, I thought your comment above was a kind
    of rhetorical question — who is Fabio, is it not Sanford? Hence,
    my smart-ass reply. Still, Sanford should be pleased.

  • zinka

    i knoiw the polls have closed..but I will nominate the ONLY diva I remember who combines the best qualities of Kunst and Stimm divas….Diana Soviero..I wish more of you knew her as I do….for 35 years…One of the greatest sopranos… Today she teaches at the Met…..I wonder if she can instill some of her art into some of our present divas..well,she has one..Sondra of our (few) great sopranos…CH