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Guessing game

westbroeck_annaYou can stop all your wondering about who will play Anna Nicole Smith in the eponymous oeuvre by Mark-Anthony Turnage (The Silver Tassie) and Richard Thomas (Jerry Springer: the Opera), scheduled for a premiere at the Royal Opera, Covent Garden in February 2011. It’s Eva-Maria Westbroek, seen here in the (ahem) Titelpartie of Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk.

  • flamingopera

    Off topic: I’m wondering if La Cieca is going to the 2010-11 season announcement press conference?

    • La Cieca is sending intern JJ to this event.

      • Signor Bruschino

        and what time is said event?

  • operaman50

    No, I wasn’t wondering …could care less about Anna Nicole … or a hunk of crap about her …. but YES please report ALL at the above mentioned MET press conference.

    • operaman50

      …..especially, news of next seasons movie-casts!!!

      • operaman50

        …….and future DVD/Blu-ray releases.

  • Byrnham Woode

    I believe Ms. Westbroek is one of next season’s debutantes. She’s doing Sieglinde, I believe. She has already had great success in this repertory in Europe. The video of the depicted LADY MACBETH is quite strong.

    • Often admonished

      She’s a first rate Sieglinde.

  • The Vicar of John Wakefield

    Where is Vivien Townley?????

  • williams

    Is she adjusting her microphone?

  • aulus agerius

    What’s with all the shoes in the background…..and the sliding doors? Does it take place in Japan?

  • Satisfied

    Dear LC: may I ask why we are not privy to today’s announcement via live blogging???? I so very much enjoyed it last year! The suspense! The intrigue! the lateness! (All the result of Gheorghiu, I might add)

  • Satisfied

    (spoke too soon…just saw LC’s posting about today’s blogcast.)