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Rex Lott PhotographyLa Cieca (not pictured) expects to see you all online tomorrow (Saturday) beginning at 12:45 pm for a chat on the subject of the Met’s broadcast of Les Contes d’Hoffmann. And those of you who feel in a musico-satirico-politico-holiday mood Monday evening will surely want to drop by Cafe Iguana for the premiere of chanteuse/FOJJ Dorothy Bishop‘s tribute to “America’s obsession” Sarah Palin.

  • Orlando Furioso

    Have fun, y’all. I’ll be off to see it (snow or no snow) at the movies.

    • Me, too — although the cineplex in downtown Denver elected to ditch this particular screening tomorrow because, in the words of the theater manager, “We figure it’ll be busy enough with all the holiday movie traffic.” Hello??? Have you SEEN the dreck that’s on the screens this week, including that Hugh Grant turd rating a whopping 1.5 stars from our local cine-chanteuse (and she usually loves everything). I find it hard to believe that any TWO Saturday afternoon showings (equivalent running time versus the Met) could possibly yield the same kind of ticket revenue as the HD-cast at $20-$22 a pop. Oh, well — I guess it’s back to the ‘burbs for me again.

    • louannd

      I have friends writing me telling me that they are stuck in too much snow and are giving up tickets.

    • Orlando Furioso

      Yeah, not so much. For once the mid-Atlantic region “there’s gonna be SNOW!!!” hysteria was actually referring to something. I’ll catch the Repeat showing, I hope.

  • Sarah Palin, eh? Speaking of Contes.

    • louannd


  • Y’all have lots of fun. i will be watching the show from the Theaters and will report latter.

  • judycadanna

    It’s unfortunate that the real editors of Playgirl did not do as Cieca has done here and photoshop Levi’s head onto the body of an attractive adult male.

    • The photo is by Rex Lott, who is a genius.

  • Baritenor

    Okay, EVERY showing of Hoffmann in the greater Los Angeles area is sold out. WHAT THE HELL???!!!!

    • I’m in Apple Valley, CA for Christmas. If you want to drive up here for the screening, I’ll bet you anything it won’t be sold out. Popcorn’s on me.

    • kashania

      Opera is hot hot hot, baby!

      • CruzSF

        Of the HD showings I attended last season, the “Lucia” was the most packed. People actually sat in the aisles (I don’t know how the theate oversold the screening). Judging from the conversations around me, Netrebko was the reason for the turnout. I’d blame/credit her for tommorow’s sellout crowd.

      • kashania

        • kashania

          Sorry, failed experiment. I was trying to get the video to start at the moment when Peter O’Toole say “hut hut hut” but I guess I don’t know how to do that. :(

    • Baritenor

      I was able to find ONE theater not sold out. Yay!

    • javier

      Not everything is sold out. Look harder. I haven’t bought a ticket yet because I don’t know yet if I want to go.

  • louannd

    anyone covering the broadcast for review?

    • Baritenor

      you mean the simulcast? I’ll polish off a review, if anyone wants it.

    • louannd

      I mean the HD showing. I would appreciate a nice intelligent review (because God only knows I couldn’t write one to save my life!).

  • Quanto Painy Fakor

    At least, during the Hoffmann you will be able to enjoy the (scripted)
    bons mots of the every popular:

    • ha ha ha, and hopefully this

      • Quanto Painy Fakor

        Wenarto is Amazing! Now, like other famous singers, he’s tracking duets with himself -- at least it sounds like that.

        • Regina delle fate

          What I want to know is: what’s happened to Izzy?

      • louannd

        ooohhh so cool! I want to be in one of your videos -- old middle aged lady needed? Where do I sign up?

      • Donna Anna

        And they’re doing the Doyly Carte Stomp. What could be better?

  • callasorphan

    Now, I know I’ve lived too long when Sarah Palin is “Amerca’s Obsession”.