Cher Public

curtain up, light the headlights


Or, “Tosca è un buon funbag!”

  • Bertarido

    Steveac, I don’t think it’s a Finnish thing, though, given that most Finns could hardly be described as “garish” or “loud,” more like the opposite. Karita definitely stands out in the crowd here… Shame about the dress…

  • La marquise de Merteuil

    26 I should have said that were she to sing Mary had a little lamb due to her way of singing it would sound as difficult as In questa.

  • Harry

    Being Nordic, perhaps her fashion sense is what one could call, rather based on something from a IKEA -like ‘diva’ catalog model..One of those ‘it will do for the next year or two’ Generally bland white plastic surface laminate or blond colored wood, but decked out with the most startling lurid looking, attention- seeking fabrics. I wonder as such a ‘Ikea like diva ‘: she expects customers to load her on the car roof rack, take her home and assemble the packaged image -- screws and tools having being provided in the box; back at the store! It fits.

  • Harry

    The Vicar of John Wakefield (40#): This is true. Sylvia Fisher went to school with my father!

  • jptommy

    oh she has gay friends alright, they’re just really mean.

  • MontyNostry

    I was in Finland recently and, if you’re talking sopranos, Soile Isokoski’s look is more typical than Mattila’s. A few of the very young woman looked like biker sluts on acid, but mostly it’s sensible haircuts, modest outfits and lots of severe, angular spectacles.