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All the feels

“And as I thought about it, I couldn’t help wondering: when did Alex Ross become Carrie Bradshaw?” [New Yorker]

Journalist experiences epiphany

“[T]he interview-killing question wasn’t even a tough one. It was a softball query about how it feels to have her career still going strong as she approaches 70. . . . Apparently, age is a touchy subject for some aging divas.” [Dallas News]

“Naturally this leaves me all fardayget and farblondzhet…”

Jennifer Black, who sings the role of Adal Gisa says, ‘It’s about a Jewish Priestess, who has 2 secret children with a Roman Soldier, which already creates conflict. Then this Roman Soldier sees me, I play a virgin Priestess in the Temple and he falls in love with me’.” [WWSB MySuncoast]

The train arrives in Boston at 5:00 PM the next day

So La Cieca figures if the New York Times can do seven pieces about Exterminating Angel in the past week, we should jump on the bandwagon as well. Above, a helpful prefix to an orchestral part for the opera. [via DO THE M@TH]

Meine Klangkunst, sie küssen so heiß! Meine Kleider sind schmiegsam und weiß!

Now this I call arts journalism!

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Lulu’s back in town

Continuing coverage of the Met’s new Alban Berg spectacular.

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Internet won

The above is, bar none, the greatest headline ever written.

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Tuesdays with Mary

Miss Garden smiled. “You probably have never seen a thin Violetta,” she exclaimed. “You’ll find that that will make a difference.”

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