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Quote unquote

Either venomous fishwife Norman Lebrecht has deliberately misquoted and misinterpreted what Jonas Kaufmann said in a recent interview, or else Jonas Kaufmann needs to go fuck himself. La Cieca leaves the interpretation to you, the cher public.

Una vittima della sventura

Remember the disastrous 2010 Traviata at the Met, “conducted” by Leonard Slatkin on the opening night (before folding his tent and skedaddling), the one Village Blitherer Brian Kellow admitted he neither heard nor saw, but why did Anthony Tommasini have to be such an old meanie, etc. etc.?  Read more »

Cloud yells at old man

Following the jump, the latest kvetch from joyless Norman Lebrecht. (Our new policy at parterre is to run only screenshots from “Slipped Disc” in order to avoid sending any traffic to that junk heap of a site. Read more »

“There seems to be no sign of intelligent life anywhere”

Venomous Fishwife Norman Lebrecht now doesn’t know the difference between Anton Chekhov and Konstantin Stanislavsky.

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