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Blessings counted

On the rare occasions when La Cieca has an issue with a commenter or commenters on this site, she has only to remind herself that things could be a whole lot worse.

Two out of two fussbudgets agree…

Anna Netrebko must state her position on gay rights in Russia: New York writer Scott Rose challenges the diva to state her position on Putin, Tchaikovsky and anti-gay legislation” [Slipped Disc]

Cover to cover

La Cieca (pictured) is thrilled to announce the debut of a new online book club  hosted by Norman Lebrecht of “Slipped Disc” fame. The rules of the group are simple: each month Mr. Lebrecht nominates a book, which the members then proceed not to read. Then everyone unanimously and repeatedly declares the book should never have been allowed to be published. In other words, the same guidelines apply as in that blog’s discussion of opera productionsRead more »