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Turban outfitter

turban“Ms. Netrebko is not the kind to wear sweatpants unless they are fancy, but her wardrobe and homes are an eclectic amalgam of high and low.” [New York Times]

Now I wouldn’t presume to tell the cher public what the cher public ought to think

Where does the time go?  Gaudete Sunday is just around the corner and—be honest!—have you completed all your holiday shopping?  La Cieca thought not, which is why she is reminding you of The Shoppe of Holiday Delights. It’s easy, it’s convenient, and all your purchases benefit parterre!

Wrap music

cieca_holidaysLa Cieca invites the cher public to visit The Little Shop of Arias (your doyenne’s Amazon store) for all those last-minute holiday shopping needs!

Brief reminder

Last-minute holiday shopping needn’t be a bother if you’ll remember to drop by La Cieca’s Little Shop of Arias.

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