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Travels with my rant

It appears that La Cieca’s long-winded, likely drunken ravings on the Levineshchina attracted the most visitors last week, doubtless motivated by Schadenfreude. But a variety of very fine pieces also made last week’s Top Ten list of most viewed parterre posts.   Read more »

voi sapete quel che fa

According to BBC News, “Classical star” Katherine Jenkins hopes to “take up” Placido Domingo‘s “offer” to “train” her to be an “opera singer.”

“Placido Domingo has offered to train me and I’ll probably go to his house when we both have the time free,” Jenkins explained. “He’s a very generous person and he’s always trying to encourage young singers. He thinks he can help me and give me advice and I’m always keen to learn. He’s a great person to learn from.”

o namenlose schadenfreude

After three years of failed legal motions by four legal teams, “felonthropist” Alberto Vilar will emerge from the close confinement of his heavily chandeliered 5,500 square foot apartment to face trial in September for defrauding investors of millions of dollars. [via ABC News]