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Hard candy

In theatre, there are two types of tragedy. There’s the tearjerker (Romeo and Juliet, The Glass Menagerie) which leaves you wet-cheeked, cathartised and endorphinned, and there’s the sledgehammer (Antigone, Ghosts) where you sit dazed in your seat for five minutes after it finishes and don’t say much on the way home.  Read more »

But I’m a jeer leader

The Royal Opera’s Sir Antonio Pappano (not pictured) considers the question of booing at the opera and comes to exactly the wrong conclusion. [The Guardian]

“If I ever go looking for my heart’s desire again, I won’t look any further than my own back yard!”

mearsLa Cieca is delighted to note that the Royal Opera, Covent Garden has decided to follow the successful lead of so many American opera companies: Just in: Covent Garden names a Brit as opera chief

Bottle of angels

Our Own M. Croche (not pictured, presumably) has an idea to pitch to the Royal Opera’s advertising department.

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Happy Birthday Stefan Herheim

The Prince of Regie, who’ll direct a new Vêpres siciliennes for the Royal Opera this fall, is 43 years old today.

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‘Twixt the cups and the lip

Above is a preliminary PR photo of Eva-Maria Westbroek in the “biggest than life” titular role of the Mark-Anthony Turnage/Richard Thomas bio-opera Anna Nicole, set to open tonight at the Royal Opera, Covent Garden. But without the benefit of Photoshop and artful lighting, what do Westbroek and Anna Nicole really look like?

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