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Atre Furie, volate a me!

While legendary NYCO soprano Lauren Flanigan has, alas, not been singing very frequently lately, she recently has turned her laser-like focus to that other essential aspect of the diva’s job description, that of Raising Righteous Hell.  Read more »

Travels with my rant

It appears that La Cieca’s long-winded, likely drunken ravings on the Levineshchina attracted the most visitors last week, doubtless motivated by Schadenfreude. But a variety of very fine pieces also made last week’s Top Ten list of most viewed parterre posts.   Read more »

“And one for Pavarotti!”

The apparently underemployed mezzo Alice Coote has been hitting the laptop again, this time delivering a rant that only makes sense if you yell it aloud, slurring “An’ another thing!” after each paragraph.