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Elements of stile

I’m no Fach expert but I will admit the “gay stile” is a new one for me — somewhere between the lyric and the dramatic tenor voices, perhaps?  Read more »

Accentuate the positive

I love the comments that really seem to think they balanced the positive with the negative — “sure I called her a hysterical, yodeling, vulgar cream cake but I also said it was brilliant! Totally fair!”  Read more »

The savvy and the non-savvy

This “non-savvy opera goer” is really hoping they’re invited to the reckless orgy. Sounds like a better Friday night than “what the composer intended.”  Read more »

If I could be with you one scour tonight

“Too sexy” is a hell of an accusation for a woman wearing a giant mesh Brillo pad!   Read more »

“Ah, mascalzone, presto in prigione! Suzuki, il thè”

Here’s a set of comments that I think really captures the duality of YouTube — two criticisms of Jonas Kaufmann. I won’t say which I personally find more valid! 

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U mad?

I found myself engrossed in the comments of bitchy queens and backseat directors.

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