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Lounge act

Based on a batch of outraged comments I read on Facebook prior to this season’s premiere, after nearly three years and over 20 performances Michael Mayer’s “Las Vegas” production of Rigoletto at the Metropolitan Opera still outrages many. Yet, despite a frustratingly routine cast, Verdi à la “The Rat Pack” proved intermittently pleasing Tuesday evening.   Read more »

“And I presume you know what that unfortunate movement led to?”

“Meanwhile top-flight native talents such as Lucy Crowe, Mary Bevan, Allan Clayton and Anthony Gregory are shunted into revivals of The Magic Flute and The Mikado, and potential stars such as Marcus Farnsworth and Elizabeth Llewellyn don’t even get a look in. One doesn’t need to be a UKIP xenophobe or Little Englander to feel that this is wrong, wrong, wrong and a betrayal of the spirit of ENO’s Founding Fathers.” [The Telegraph]