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Miss Firecracker

“Just like the pyrotechnics the heroine of The Firework Maker’s Daughter longs to create, this new opera for children is a delightful, low-tech throwback to a time before CGI took over the world.” [New York Post]

Headless nuns in starless cast

“The most sensuous sounds at the Met this week come from an opera with nary a love duet. In Dialogues des Carmélites—Francis Poulenc’s 1957 melodrama about an order of nuns martyred during the French Revolution—the music’s voluptuous sweetness depicts the sisters’ intense religious faith.” [New York Post]

Fox news

“In Leos Janacek’s The Cunning Little Vixen, the heroine is shot and skinned for her fur. A disturbing conclusion, yes, but also a happy ending, as the exultant music of this 1924 fantasy proves: Though one fox dies, her offspring and the rest of nature continue to thrive forever.” [New York Post]

Love is only love

Of the two love stories that unfolded at David et Jonathas Wednesday night, it’s hard to say which was more moving.

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The subject was Moses

Like the Israelites who cross the Red Sea in Moses in Egypt, New York City Opera has a long, hard road ahead of it.

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Young man with a horn

Ring a ding ding! There’s a new Duke in town, and he’s jolting the Met’s Rigoletto with enough electricity to light up the Las Vegas Strip.

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Nel tuo seno, amico sassone

Bollywood dance numbers, kung fu fighting, simulated nudity — and rock-solid musical values — added up to a sterling Giulio Cesare at at the Met.

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Our Own JJ (not pictured) just came running into the parterre offices wild-eyed with excitement.

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